The fall of neoliberalism and the rise of fascism in the United States of America,Español

from Insurgent Subcommandante Angeles, Branch of Liaison, Communications, and Investigations, Clandestine Command "Division of the North" (Villista National Liberation Front).

We who have been opposing the specific political and economic form of capitalism known as "neoliberalism" now find ourselves in a quandry: in the United States of America, we find neoliberalism falling rapidly to fascism.

What would move us to such a drastic assessment of developments in the USA?

Recall the basics of neoliberalism: the coercion of the excluded by the power of money, disguised as "liberation" and as "internationalism." We who oppose neoliberalism have struggled to unveil the power of money behind these masks.

With the rise of fascism, the power of money casts aside its mask in favour of a steel helmet, with bludgeons, guns, and all other sorts of weapons of mass destruction to go with it, together with a eagerness to use these weapons at the slightest provocation against all opponents, foreign and domestic.

The primary justification of gringo fascism is now "war on terrorism," with which the USA threatens to become the world's terrorist superpower.

These principles are enshrined in the "Project for a New American Century," the "USA Patriot Law," the "Defence Security Enhancement Proposal," and other equally frightening activities of the United States government.

Like all fascist governments before it, this United States government knows no law other than naked force: not international law, nor its own Constitution, can constrain this fascist government or its supporters.

This is the government that seeks to influence the path other governments take, including the government of Mexico.

We in the Mexican national liberation movement must join with all progressive forces in denouncing the criminal intentions of the United States government, and must warn the Mexican government that if it chooses to follow the example of that government, it will share in its fate.

We who oppose neoliberalism aren't completely surprised to find it decaying into fascism: the seeds of the self-destruction of the neoliberal project have been evident to us all along.

Nevertheless, we must now turn from the strategies and tactics appropriate to combatting neoliberalism to those reserved for the antifascist struggle.

The fascists will give us no quarter: we must give them no quarter.

We must solemnly warn those who don't realise that they are treading down the fascist path that their ignorance will not excuse them. Those who take the fascist road knowing that they do so must understand that fascism has never prevailed and never will, but rather will result in destruction of all they hold dear. Those who seek to be the agents of destruction of both neoliberalism and of its opponents will find themselves utterly destroyed.

We realise that fascists will see the above warning as a terrorist threat: nothing could be further from the truth, but, as we have repeatedly warned, we stand for the utter destruction of terrorism and of terrorists, regardless of the mask of legality they may wear. We now turn to the work of preparing to defend ourselves and those we are pledged to serve from fascist terrorism, and to counterattack at times and places of our choosing.

That is all for now.

Liberty! Justice! Democracy! Human Rights!

From the Mexican Northwest, Insurgent Subcommander Angeles, Branch of Liaison, Communications, and Investigations, Clandestine Commando "Division of the North" (Villista National Liberation Front).

© 1997

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