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Special credit goes to the "Doc".  With his permission, his graphics posted  on this page.    He offers a current event news letter thich you can sign up for on his page and the best military related graphics around.  To visit the "Doc's" page, click anywhere in this box.  Thanks again, Doc, you honor us all with your continued support and efforts.
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I want to thank all the visitors to our site since we first came online 4 years ago. The community's interest has made this page a real success. 

We are preparing for a PCS soon and will not be updating this page any further. Please view the guestbook as that is truly where all the great area tips are located.

Thank You Vilseck.   We Love You!
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Robert and I are offering our specialized craft services to the visitors of this page.  Normally we promote our skills only to our SCA (www.sca.org) members and our Ebay Customers.  If you are interested in having a custom made coat of arms made for your unit, household, battalion, group, or division, please don't hesitate to contact us. 
To order a shield through Ebay auction and possibly save a few dollars, click on the banner below.  If you would like to order directly from us,or get further information, please click here.
Congratulations to my husband Sgt. Robert West for winning 3rd Coscom NCO of the year!  I am very proud of you!
If anyone is intrested in continuing this labor of love we have started, please send us and email vilseckinfo@yahoo.com and we will be glad to transfer the page log in, email, and password to you.
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Before we PCS I am working to clean up this page and delete any links no longer working.  If you are interested in continuing the work we started here, please contact us vilseckinfo@yahoo.com

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