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"Vineit Valentine Victor is a four year
old kid suffering from meningomyelocele 
caused due to spina bifida. The  usual 
symptoms  of such patients  holds true
in his case. He lives in Asansol, some
200 km from Calcutta, India."
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        Vineit is a very special child and is no less than a miracle to us. Whatever may be his severity ,he has  never given us an ioata of less joy  than any other child would give to his parents . In fact  I  think that his pain and  sufferings have opened  our eyes towards  a life that is more caring , more  meaningful  , a life which describes the  very  essence of  our existence than one which is complacent.

        Vineit’s each day brings  to light a new challenge, a new battle which is revealed by his activities, his Herculean effort to say to sretch himself and wriggle his hands to fetch a ball which may be just a few inches beyond his reach, and sometimes also through his desperation to do things which he is unable to do but sees others doing it. A very brilliant child, who melodiously sings rhymes and the latest Hindi numbers to the perfect “T”. However, we feel what he lacks is more of companionship, friends and proper guidance. We are limited in our information to guide this special child in all and every aspect of life, and hence the result is what you are reading now.

        Yes, dear friends this page is intended to reach to children and to people who care for children as him and for the disease. It is known that there are numerous organization and voluntary groups around the world who compassionately care for such children in many ways .One such being organizing camps and get-together of such children and adults to share their difficulties and familiarize them with their daily routine and discipline pursued for a better living. Unfortunately ,in this part of our country it is difficult to get people and such children together to share their vision and their part of the story. Vineit’s journey so far, his case history ,his day to day activities , his schooling, etc. are all mentioned on this site. Care has been taken to narrate even the minute details. This could well be treated to analyse and compare his condition with children like him.

        So, finally a humble request to the readers of this page …if u are or you know someone suffering from this disease then mail me or sign the guestbook of thier experince and attitude as they move each day ahead in thier life so that it may only help us to take care of this special child in a special way. As etiquette would demand that I respond to your emails but please excuse me if for some reason I am unable too.

         Vineit and such children will be men soon. They will see this world beyond the love and cuddle of thier parents, in a light which we shine.So all you fellows out there a simple request to you, be his friend .Mail him a line or two or sign the guestbook as a small gesture of your concern and mould the vision of this special individual of his perception of this beautiful world of beautiful people.

Vineit's father     

The page has been updated last on 21st 0ctober 2004


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