Crenicichla acutirostris female

Crenicichla acutirostris Gunther, 1862

Group: Acutirostris/Lugubris

Distribution: This fish is restricted to a few southern tributaries of the Amazon - Rio Tapajos, Rio Maues, Rio Aripuana.

Type Locality: Rio Cupai, Brazil

Size: 12-13 inches

Comments: This rarely imported species is easily identified by its extremely slender, elongated shape and the 9-10 dark vertical bands along the upper lateral line. The name acutirostris refers to its pointy head. It has a fairly small mouth and is not a specialized piscivore unlike most othe rapids-dwelling large Crenicichla. It looks like a giant C. regani.

This species is not found in Rio Xingu and a very closely related and similar-looking species occurs in Rio Madeira. I have seen a slide of this undescribed species and it appears to have a larger mouth.

There is a slight sexual dimorphism in this species as with all Lugubris group species - the females have a thin white submarginal band on the dorsal fin. Warzel notes that this species is not particular about its habitat but they were always seen in water that was slightly acidic (pH 6.5) and warm (82-86 F.) In Barbure, further upstream, they were found in rapids, among rocks.

Aquarium spawnings have been recorded but the eggs did not hatch.

Described in: G√ľnther, A.C.L.G. (1862) Catalogue of the fishes in the British Museum London, 4; p 307

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