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  • Crenicichla Species List

    By V. Kutty

    The following is a list of known species of the genus Crenicichla Heckel 1840. As ichthyologists look further into the nomenclature of this fascinating genus of cichlids, a lot of the fog and mystery will be lifted. I am not aware of a key or monograph on the genus in the works at present. There are 106 species on this list and this will be updated and will no doubt grow in number. The newest addition is Crenicichla mandelburgeri, Kullander 2009.

    Also, the incredibly varied Crenicichla johanna, Heckel 1840 may be split up into a few closely related species. Even when all species are described someday, expect name changes as a result of better understanding of species interrelationships. This list is not complete, nor do I guarantee the validity of all species listed.


    acutirostris, Gunther 1862

    adspersa, Heckel 1840

    albopunctata, Pellegrin 1904

    alta, Eigenmann 1912

    anthurus, Cope 1872

    brasiliensis, (Bloch 1792) (syn. C. menezesi ?)

    britskii, Kullander 1986

    cametana, Steindachner 1911

    cardiostigma, Ploeg 1991 (syn. C. alta?)

    celidochilus, Casciotta 1987

    cincta, Regan 1905

    compressiceps, Ploeg 1986

    coppenamensis, Ploeg 1987

    cyanonotus, Cope 1871

    cyclostoma, Ploeg 1986

    dorsocellata, Haseman 1911 (syn. C. lacustris?)

    empheres, Lucena 2007

    frenata, Gill 1858

    gaucho, Lucena & Kullander 1992

    geayi, Pellegrin 1903

    hardostigma, Lucena 2007

    haroldoi, Luengo & Britski 1974

    heckeli, Ploeg 1989

    hemera, Kullander 1990 (syn. C. guentheri Ploeg 1991)

    hummelincki, Ploeg 1991

    igara, Lucena & Kullander 1992

    iguapina, Kullander & Lucena 2006

    iguassuensis, Haseman 1911

    inpa, Ploeg 1991

    isbrueckeri, Ploeg 1991 (syn. C. pellegrini Ploeg 1991)

    jaguarensis, Haseman 1911

    jegui, Ploeg 1986

    johanna, Heckel 1840

    jupiaensis, Britski & Luengo 1968

    jurubi, Lucena & Kullander 1992

    labrina, (Spix & Agassiz 1829)

    lacustris, (de Castelnau 1855)

    lacustris, (de Castelnau 1855)

    lenticulata, Heckel 1840

    lepidota, Heckel 1840 male

    lucius, Cope 1871 male Rio Nanay

    lugubris, Heckel 1840

    macrophthalma, Heckel 1840

    maculata, Kullander & Lucena 2006

    mandelburgeri, Kullander 2009

    marmorata, Pellegrin 1903

    menezesi, (syn.C. brasiliensis ?) female/fry

    minuano,Lucena & Kullander 1992

    missioneira, Lucena and Kullander 1992

    mucuryna, von Ihering 1914

    multispinosa, Pellegrin 1903

    nanus, Regan 1913 (syn. C. wallaci?)

    nickeriensis, Ploeg 1987

    niederleinii, (Holmberg 1891)

    notophthalmus, Regan 1913

    pellegrini, Ploeg 1991

    percna, Kullander 1991

    phaiospilus, Kullander 1991

    prenda, Lucena & Kullander 1992

    proteus, Cope 1872 male/fry (syn. C. nijsseni)

    punctata, (Regan 1905)

    pydanielae, Ploeg 1991

    regani, Ploeg 1989 female

    reticulata, (Heckel 1840)

    rosemariae, Kullander 1997

    rosemariae, Kullander 1997

    santosi, Ploeg 1991

    saxatilis, (Linnaeus 1758), male

    scotti, (Eigenmann 1907) male

    sedentaria, Kullander 1986

    semicincta, Steindachner 1892 (syn. C. clancularia)

    semifasciata, (Heckel 1840, female)

    sipaliwini, Ploeg 1987

    sp. aff. acutirostris "Madeira"

    sp. Erepecuru

    sp. aff. jegui

    sp. Giraffe

    sp. False anthurus Ecuador

    sp. "Alto Parana"

    sp. "Approuage"

    sp. "Arapiuns"

    sp. "Aripuana"

    sp. "Atabapo"

    sp. "Belem"

    sp. "Belly Crawler"

    sp. "British Guyana I", female

    sp. "British Guyana II"

    sp. "Casiquiare"

    sp. "Citrus Pike Bolivia"

    cf. heckeli Rio Cumina

    sp. Iguassu I

    sp. Iguassu II

    sp. "Inirida I"

    sp. "Inirida II"

    sp. "Inirida III"

    sp. "Jurua Eirunepe"

    sp. "Madeira"

    sp. aff. missioneira "Rio Forquilha"

    sp. aff. notophthalmus "Maici-Mirim Madeira"

    sp. "Orinoco Dwarf"

    sp. "Orinoco Puerto Ayacucho"

    sp. aff. reticulata "Guapore"

    sp. "Tapajos Red Lugubris"

    sp. "Tapajos Reticulata"

    sp. Tocantins Saxatilis I

    sp. Tocantins Saxatilis II

    sp. Tocantins Saxatilis III

    sp. "Trombetas"

    sp. "Uaupes/Negro Multispot"

    sp. "Venezuela"

    sp. "Xingu I"

    sp. "Xingu II"

    sp. "Xingu III"

    sp. "Xingu Dwarf"

    sp. aff. britskii "Sao Francisco"

    sp. aff. geayi

    stocki, Ploeg 1991, male

    strigata, Gunther 1862

    sveni, Ploeg 1991

    tendybaguassu, Lucena & Kullander 1992

    ternetzi, Norman 1926

    tesay, Casciotta & Almiron 2009

    tigrina, Ploeg 1991

    tingui, Kullander & Lucena 2006

    urosema, Kullander 1990

    vaillanti, Pellegrin 1904 (syn. alta?)

    virgatula, Ploeg 1991

    vittata, Heckel 1840

    wallaci, Regan 1905

    yaha, Casciotta, Almiron, Gomez 2006

    zebrina, Montana, Lopez-Hernandez, Taphorn 2008

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    Latest update: 25 March 2009
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