Crenicichla marmorata female

Crenicichla marmorata Pellegrin, 1904

Group: Lugubris

Distribution:Lower Amazon. Exported from Rio Tapajos and Trombetas on occasion.

Size: 12-14 inches

Comments: This highly attractive fish is one of the few lugubris-group fish that has been spawned in aquaria. Wayne Leibel spawned this species under the following conditions: large tank with soft, neutral water, very heavy filtration, high aeration, large quantities of live gold fish and spawning sites in the form of hollowed out driftwood. This happened in 1992 and was repeated shortly thereafter by Frank Warzel in Germany. Unfortunately, no one has done so since. I wish people kept lugubris group species more often...they are very rewarding.

Described in: Mémoires de Society zoologique de France 16 (2-4); p 383

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