Crenicichla sp. Tapajos Red female

Crenicichla sp. Tapajos Red (undescribed)

Group: Lugubris

Distribution:Found only in Rio Tapajos, Brazil.

Size: 11-12 inches

Comments: This highly attractive fish is occasionally sold to aquarists in North America as "Tapajos Red" or sp. Tapajos II.

I've paraphrased Oliver Lucanus' words here "When the first pikes came out of Rio Tapajos, C.acutirostre was the first. At that time no one knew what was what and acutirostre was shipped as species I. Later the red species came out and were shipped as species II. The Cobra Pike which I can make no sense of till today, was shipped as species III (but only a few were exported). The species II is quite similar to Xingu I as adults, but not colorful as young fish. The cobra pike, as adult looks similar to Xingu II, but smaller as an adult, only the young are spectacular."

The males remain less colorful than the females. It is one of the many undescribed pikes from Rio Tapajos.

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