Crenicichla regani female

Crenicichla regani female

Crenicichla regani male

Crenicichla regani Ploeg, 1989

Group: Wallaci

Distribution: Throughout Amazonia. One of the most widely distributed pike cichlid.

Type Locality: Left tributary to Cachoeira Porteira, Rio Trombetas system, ParĂ¡, Brazil.

Size: 3-5 inches

Comments: An occasionally imported micropredator. It can be spawned in aquaria if fed copious amounts of live foods and water is soft and acidic. Usually found in black water shorelines, often under leaf litter with Apistogramma species. Range occasionally extends into some white water systems with higher pH. For more information read article on Dwarf Pike Cichlids

Described in: Die Aquarien- und Terrarien-Zeitschrift 42 (3); p 164

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