Crenicichla tigrina male

Crenicichla tigrina Ploeg, 1991

Group: Lugubris

Distribution: Rapids of Rio Trombetas, Para, Brazil. Type species collected in Igarape Caxipacore.

Type Locality: Trombetas, at the mouth of Rio Igarapé Caxipacore, Pará, Brazil

Size: 12-14 inches

Comments: A recently described and imported species that belongs to the slender and pointy-faced subgroup of the Lugubris group. It has captured immense attention. This is a clear water dwelling species. Unique among the Lugubris group members in its marked sexual dichromatism - the females are dull with just a dark longitudinal band. Not surprisingly, stomach contents revealed fish. Reportedly difficult to catch. No spawns reported in aquaria - aggression and small tank sizes are most likely causes for this situation.

Described in: Bulletin of the Zoological Museum, Univ. of Amsterdam 13 (1); p 3

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