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  • Virtual Breeding 2


    Jane M Johnson

      The next journey begins.........

      This site has been designed for those who want to learn more about breeding, without actually having to breed their dog. This site was created following up on the successful first virtual breeding site. Hundreds of emails were received, many encouraging another scenario which focused on breeding a dog with a better starting point than Chickie did in the previous story.

      As before, all incidences referred to within it are based on real life occurrences that have either happened to me, or fellow breeders. The major difference between VB2 and the original is that we are using a different story telling technique as you will see.

      There will be some rather critical decisions you have to make over the course of the breeding. Not even very experienced dog people make all the right decisions, and sometimes regardless of the decision you make, disaster strikes.

      You will be in position where you make a lot of the decisions. Sometimes those decisions are made for you, and sometimes the ramifications of your decision making are huge.

      Camilla, our Rottie girl

      Decision Point

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      However, if you do not feel that you have enough experience to breed yet, please click on this page to learn more about breeding dogs.


      If you'd like to read the first virtual breeding story first, click here to proceed.

      This site is copyrighted to Jane M Johnson, and must not be reproduced without permission.

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