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//Vladeshya fur Em

-waves- Welcome to my site! For those of you who visit... well.. I presume you have your reasons. I hardly ever update, but I might try and be a bit more vigilant these days. The navigation is pretty straight-forward- the Me section is all about your lovely hostess, or Mallei. Manderre is all language related, and elendor is all elendor related. Enjoy!

I should probably give details:
FP: Origami, #6655.
Livejournal: orimallei
MSN: lil_panda_cub@hotmail.com
AIM: Ori the Ori
Don't abuse those last two. I can always block you, and any manifestations of you thereafter.


05/01/07: Uploaded a new poem... & I discovered a really olde-schoole log of Scarlet and the Chief, when they got rid of Otterwell and struck up their initial deal. I'm really stoked to have found it, actually. 's history! And I updated the "stuff" page with new stuff and old stuff. It's a good page, if you haven't seen it already. Yay for updating!

01/01/07: Check out how much I'm updating. This is awesome.
Sometimes if I'm feeling weird, or need to get out my thoughts and words aren't working I play with photoshop. The other day I made this one which, today, became this, and the final version. And that would be my head, sometimes, if it were pictures. ;) Chaotic, yes. Aaaalso... put up another photo of me and MOVIES!! Mmhm. Hot. And... nothing else yet. Will be making a gallery page so my 'about me' page isn't forever. Hope y'all had a good NYE. :) xo

30/12/06: More poems. Photos. Anddddddd... <a href=3libras.mp3>3 Libras </a> but I don't think I can get wilted roses up... I'll put it up as a .wma but I can't convert it so you mightn't be able to play it, and cos it has some stupid liscencing something, even though it's my own damned song. Grr. Grr. But you can <a href=wiltedroses.wma> try here... </a>

20/12/06: I win at updating!! About 5 new logs, they rock, aaaaand a whole bunch of poems. And... I'm sure there was something else but perhaps it just felt like more. But yes. Logs. Poems. Woo.

27, 08, 06: Huzzah for procrastination!! I have an essay due tomorrow which is 40% of my mark and I haven't finished the novel, nor started the essay, nor done any research on it yet. Wooo!! I'm just over it, but I don't want to withdraw because I don't want to have to do an extra year, or to overload myself next year. Argh!! Anyway enough about that. I'm gonna put up some photos, see if I have to update any Elendor stuff, if I can think of anything good, I'll do something in the about me part, and probably put up some more poems. That ought to do for today.



Uploaded lots of logs. All the logs should work now. I'm sorry if there are any that are crazy, I don't know why they're like that; it's odd. I'm trying to find some more Iavasuial ones, but the search engine seems to be broken. Stupid thing. Also I must clean up the log of the attempted-boot-theft and send it in. I may do that later.

There's some new pictures in the pictures area (duh)

Also, all the Manderre links are up and running. Therefore, everything is almost complete except the "about" section, which I still feel too lazy to do. Now I just have to get people to actually visit here. Hehe.






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