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So, you've come here to find out more about me. I'll try to keep this relatively brief. Here it goes.


  • M.Div., University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Dubuque, IA (2003)
  • M.A in History, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL (1994)
  • B.A. in History, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL (1992)
  • A.S. in Secondary Education, Parkland Community College, Champaign, IL (1990)

    Current Passion and Endeavors
    I have recently began to reclaim my artistic past. I am trying to set up art classes in various areas (click icon at top of page for more), and I have established an on-line art gallery in order to show my work and make prints available for purchase. I would also like to break into illustration.

    Regarding the ministry, I feel driven toward postmodern ministry. Because the Presbyterian Church (USA) is heavily traditional, that leads me to focus primarily in the areana of new church development. I would eventually like to become an organizing pastor for a new church in the future.

    Most Recent Employment
  • Student Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Ladd, IL (2004-2005): Primary approach entailed working toward reforming congregational culture through creating sacred space for new life to emerge, with a focus on young-adult spirituality.
  • Student Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Ladd, IL (2003-2004):Primary duties were split among the two spheres. Pastoral duties: worship leadership, organizing community events, programmatic enhancement, community outreach, pastoral visitation. Probe: community research, congregational research, leadership development.
  • Intern, First Presbyterian Church of Ladd, IL (2002-2003): Primary duties revolved around worship leadership and spiritual formation.

  • Primary Interests in Ministry
  • The Multi-Generational Church, We are coming to understand more fully how generations differ from one another. By bringing them together to dialogue, we can build on their strengths and lessen the effects of their weaknesses. This is about maximizing generational gifts through interactive community. My primary approach to this is to create “sacred space” for different people to engage their spirituality in their own ways within the context of a wider communal identity.
  • The Newly Emerging Culture, Our world has changed. Many churches are struggling to figure out what went wrong. (Some even struggle to figure out where they are.) We need a heightened awareness of this new era and how it differs from the old. We need new strategies to address the situation in which we have been placed in order to fulfill our corporate call.
  • Identity Formation, Our world offers us a variety of ideologies and causes with which to identify. As Christians, we are called to identify with the Crucified One. A strong adult education program is necessary to establish a foundation for Christian life.
  • Discernment of Gifting and Calling, God equips people for ministry. A primary task of the church to help people to identify their gifting so that they can engage their call and embrace their destiny.

  • Personal details...

    Vernon A. "Bo" McGuffee


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