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Incandescent vs Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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My Simple Raytracer
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Programming, Things Of Interest
GLIntercept (old address was http://home.swiftdsl.com.au/~radlegend/GLIntercept)
ProjectA : A GUI for writing shaders
December 31st, 2004 | John Carmack's Blog
ODE forum = http://lofing.de/simulator/modules/newbb_plus/
ODE forum = http://ode.petrucci.ch/
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3D Design
3D Models, Scenes, Modelling With Packages

The "I Love Chips" Page
Hitachi Global Storage : Get Perpendicular
Thunderbird email client
7-Zip : File archiver/ compressor (Can do .7z, .bzip2, .gzip, .tar, .zip). I wish it would do .rar as well.
Help file for OpenGL extensions, in CHM format, at the bottom of the page
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My People
News for April 24, 1915, Canada does the right thing (finally)
Turks : Commiting crimes against humanity and then saying it was famine and war. Commiting crimes against christian Armenians, christian Greeks
The most interesting one :
Cancellation Of Armenian Genocide Resolution Discussion In U.S. Congress - Result Of Bribery
In 2002 Turkish organizations and diplomats in the U.S. were going to grant $500 000 to Dennis Hastert, the Speaker
of the U.S. House of Representative for preventing the discussion of the Armenian Genocide Resolution in the Congress,
a FBI agent stated. As reported by U.S. media Sybil Edmonds, who was working as a FBI translator will publish in Vanity Fair
September edition the translations of the records proving that Turkish organizations and Turkish Consulate in Chicago
were going to allocate $500 000 for Hastert's election campaign. The collection of funds was to be carried out by way
of small donations to avoid naming the real donator.


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