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im management

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Contents of this site dedicated to the Internet marketing management. This is personal presentation. If you seriously interesting for Internet marketing and management, this is a proper place.

Dear friend's, this site be modified in line with new aspires.  This site is easy, quickly and clear. Very soon on this place you can be read about new topic's. Until now I be occupation with job on other area of my interest, bat on this moment I promise new interesting topic's.

Your notion be welcome.


Your vmpyu.

Your impressions can to write in Guest book .

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Business philosophy

About my business philosophy and some business tender read over in page About me and IM Marketing....

News from Serbia and Montenegro

News page contents  marketing news  from Serbia and Montenegro. What it's happen - IM management, fairs, business strategy etc.

Examples and demos

On page Examples you see examples calling card, memo or catalogue.


In the Party page be download files Classic music in the midi format, and more...

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You can see actual photos on address: 




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