I am
Vishwanath M. Swamy,
A former student of the National Chemical Labaratory in Pune, India.
Ph. D. in Organic chemistry, get some good links to chemistry sites

Born on 28th February 1973, with my ancestoral links in the South Indian city of Hubli, the youngest son for Saroja and Mallikarjun, stayed all along in Pune (180 kms south of Bombay) in India.

My Institute,
Natioanal Chemical Labaratory,
Pune-411 008, India
My Ph. D Supervisor
Prof. Amitabha Sarkar
IACS, Calcutta
Helpful tips for IR and NMR spectroscopy
Table of IR absorptions
Jobs in the Indian Pharmaceutical industries
The Synthetic calculator from cambridge
Calculation of Boiling points at varying pressures
Calculation of Optical Rotation
Amino Acids
Calculation v/s visualisation of IR frequencies
Chemistry departments around the world
History of Chemistry
The web chemistry teacher,
Chemistry links for teachers
What happened when ?
Internet sites for Chemistry
Chem fonts from softshell
Important papers in the history of chemistry
The first paper on Chirality by Linus Pauling
Scientific writing
Writing papers and reports
Dictionary for 230 languages including sanskrit
IUPAC Nomenclature
e mail :
Chemistry departments in the United States
The Virtual library
Bordwell's PKa table
PKa data of Organic and Inorganic acids
Named Reactions
Free online computing dictionary
Drug Discovery Online
Video Lectures from Imperial College, London