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Rod and CyndiWelcome to Rodney Reinhardt's Homepage. My wife Cyndi and I live in Zuni New Mexico with our three sons.Thomas 16, and Twins Alec and Christopher 13. Cyndi is a nurse with the Indian Health Services. I am a Mental health worker in Gallup, and I'm working on  my Masters in Counseling at Western New Mexico University Gallup Graduate Studies Center. I plan to graduate in December of 2002.

I spent 6 1/2 years in the Army (MOS 27G) . Almost 3 years (May 1979 to March 1982) in Germany with the 91st Ord. Det., 8th Inf. Division, and another 3 (April, 1982 to Feb 1985) with the 118 Ord. Det., 11th ADA Bdg. Ft Bliss Tx. If you were with one of these units drop me a line. There are groups set up for both of these units at

Before moving to Zuni we lived in Clifton Colorado. While we were in Clifton we were in the Ministry, Pastoring at Set Free Ministries. For a time I was Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor. We started going to Set Free in 1991, coming to church only to hear a concert. I was high the first time I went into the church and didn't think anyone knew, the Pastor did know but never rejected or judged me. After attending for about 6 months I finally understood that these Christians had something that I didn't and I wanted it, so I gave my heart to JESUS on April 2, 1992. In Jan. 1993 I started a ministry course that our Pastor, Joe Suarez, was teaching. I started the course to learn more about my faith and the bible. I didn't really feel like I was being called to be a minister. When the class was over I was chosen to be the Associate Pastor. At the present time I am not Pastoring a chucrh, or doing any formal ministry, other than the occasional Funereal or Wedding. When the Lord is ready to open that door for us again I'm sure it will open, just as the way was opened for us to go to Zuni.

While I was building and growing in the ministry my wife was attending Mesa State College studying Nursing. We had agreed that when she finished I was going to attend Colorado Mountain College to get a degree in Photography. Well God had other plans, Cyndi got her nursing degree, and in August of 1995 I started at Mesa State working on a degree in Psychology/Counseling. I graduated in December of 1999.

When I'm not busy with the Ministry or School I like to read, listen to music (everything from Classical to Rock, except Rap, Metal (I'm too Old), and Opera.) I am an avid sports fan. I follow the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies, and CU Buffs.

When I really need to relax I get on my 1989 Kawasaki Vulcan, let the wind blow away the stress, and let God speak to my heart. Living on the Western Slope of Colorado there are many beautiful areas within short ride. From the Majestic San Juan Mountains near Ouray to the Red Rock Desert of Moab Utah. If you like to ride why don't you visit my Motorcycle Page. It has links to manufactures, accessories, ministries, clubs, and even a few suggestion for rides if you find yourself in Western Colorado or Eastern Utah. As I get around in the Zuni area I will be adding reports on some of the rides in that area. We have moved to a beautiful area with a history that goes back a thousand years or more and we are just begininng to learn about the area.

My mother has been involved in Genealogy for many years and I have inherited some of her interest. One branch of our family tree has published a newsletter The Rosebud, which is published on line. The thing that started mom's interest in family history was the search for her Grandfather Frank Darrow.
In addition we have added a Family Album

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You can write to me, by clicking on my name, Rod Reinhardt, or Cyndi, by clicking on her name Cyndi Reinhardt.

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