This website is setup by Dr. V Nagarajan, M.A;Ph.D;D.Litt  (b. 1930) experienced academician and sociologist.
Dr.Nagarajan is an eminent scholar and author of advanced works and books in the area of social polity of ancient India.
His works include :
1. "Society under an Imperial State with special reference
to Kautilya's Arthashastra"
Year - 1965, Nagpur University, India
2."Evolution of Social Polity of Ancient India -
From Manu to Kautilya"
Vol I & II
Year - 1990, Nagpur University, India
Also available at
3. Origins of Hindu Social System
Dattsons, Nagpur 1994
also available on
4. Foundations of Hindu Economic State
Dattsons, Nagpur 1997
also available on
5. Hindu Social Dynamics Vol I, II & III
Aishma Publications, Nagpur 1999
also available on
Dr. Nagarajan       has since worked on his 6th, 7th and 8th books on 
Krishna's Gita       as Rajavidya and Manusmriti as Socio-Political Constitution and       on Upanishads and Hindu Political Sociology.
Gita enjoys the same status as The Bible and The Koran. In fact it is a major contribution of Krishna (who has later been deified) to socio-political thought and reorganisation of the social polity of Ancient India. Dr. Nagarajan's previous works have been dealing with the transition from the
pre-varna vedic society of Ancient India to the post-vedic varna society which survives to this day. For the first time every one of the seven hundred verses of the Gita has been examined critically with reference to this transition and creation of a new rational social polity. All religiosity and ethnicity have been kept out in order to arrive at a schemata that may be applicable to all societies and civilisations. Many misconceptions about ancient
India and myths and stereotypes built on it have been dispelled in his works including the present one.
Manusmriti, the most discussed Hindu law is being re-examined from a rationalist angle by Dr. Nagarajan in his new work.
As with his previous works, the new research by Dr. Nagarajan would be immensely useful to research scholars and students in Indology and ancient civilizations and also the students of comparative polity and religion.
Dr. Nagarajan has taught at Hislop College, Nagpur, India (1955-66). He was also Principal of Porwal College, Kamptee, India (1966-90).

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Dr. Nagarajan's Books are available at
Evolution of Social Polity of Ancient India - From Manu to Kautilya Vol I & II
[ISBN 81-7192-004-7]
Origins of Hindu Social System
[ISBN       81-7192-017-9]
Foundations of Hindu Economic State
[ISBN       81-7192-029-2]
Hindu Social Dynamics Vol I, II & III
[ISBN       81-901175-0-5]
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