A HALLOWEEN CHRISTMAS ~ A photo play by Vocephus
In which Bloody Rabbi learns of the truths of Jesus Christ, and in turn, the true meaning of Christmas.  But not without some hearty convincing from a colorful cast of wonderful characters!
"You'll not convince me your silly old Jesus exsists this day, or any other!" scoffs Bloody Rabbi.  He is rather unaccepting of the very notion, and thinks of the New Testament as 'hokum' and 'not a very good read.'
A beleaguered Jesus concedes.  "I'm just tired of trying."  Converting the masses had not been any easier 2000 years ago.  The Jeez was getting to the end of his rope.  "Screw 'em."
"Ah, yes....the game is indeed afoot.  I have forseen it all.  Let us keep careful eyes upon the unfolding drama!"
But ho!  It is faithful Cox Robotica to the rescue!  "The Heathan Bloody Rabbi will surely change his wicked ways after some careful planning and inventive presentation! Buzz Click Whirr!"
There was a great feast, in which all of Jesus' close friends were invited.  Bloody Rabbi was quite impressed at The Saviour's hospitality (he even picked up the bill!)  But some doubts of this so-called Jesus' credentials reamained in question...
On with the story!