Hey...how's it goin'?
VOCEPHUS {vo-see-fuss]
1. VOCEPHUS; Vox Vocephus: Owner and proud proprietor of THE WORLD OF VOCEPHUS

2. World Of Vocephus: A website dedicated to Super-Fun.  Dig it.
Since it's your first time, I'll be gentle...
Vocephus, as you may have guessed, is the person behind the raw, pixilated brilliance you see before your eyes.  I write and maintain this site for no other reason but to amuse myself, and if the few souls that gaze upon my work find some enjoyment as well, then that's just a bonus.  What is this site about?  It's about anything I happen to find cool at the moment, whether it be a funny link I stumbled across, or a story about one of my friends, I'll put it up here.  It's just something to do, really.  A small on-line hobby.  A good place to do some writing, and a little design and layout.  No big whoop.

Everybody and their dog has a website these days...and actually,
the dog's website is much nicer than mine, if you must know.  I used to believe that no one deserved nor neeeded a personal webpage...a belief I still hold to, but I figured I would do my part in wasting valuable web space.  Hey, it's free, ain't it?

Things are pretty basic.  I do the lion's share of writing up on the front page (save for the occasional guest update).  There's a bunch of features, links, stuff to read, and general amusement to be found throughout the site.  If you see text that's white and underlined, that's a link to another site, in case you didn't know.  They're all over the place, and most of them are pretty interesting if you'll take the time to check 'em out.  Also, this site is updated regularly, so if you're here cos I said 'check out my website!' with a gleam of hope in my eye, don't read it once and never come back!  There's gonna be more, and it's gonna be better, I promise!  Of course I understand that you probably have
more important sites to visit, so I won't take up your time.  Also, any references to The WOV you might see, is just short hand for The World Of Vocephus.  Oh...yeah, duh. Makes my life easier not having to write it out each time.

The WOV has an ever-expanding staff of writers that contribute various bits of what-not on a semi-regular basis.  I have no jurisdiction over what they write, how they write it, or general spelling/grammatical errors you may encounter.  All I know is, they make this site that much more interesting and give me some original content to post up.  And they work for free, too!  The fools!  But if you read something by a WOV staffer that offends you deeply, please do not hesitate to get over it.

Why is the layout/design so simple?  Are you just not that good at making webpages?  What is the deal?
The site is and has been very simple since it's conception.  Yes, it began as a lack of web publishing skills, but as I went on, I decided I liked it.  It's a stark contrast to all those slick websites out there.  Yeah, there's a lot of words, and no, there's not a whole lot of pictures (sorry, you visual people) but that's how it is.  There will be more and more pictures put up here in the future, but the meat of the content is in the writing.  Take the time to actually read it...some of it is pretty damn good (or so I've heard).

I can't read that awful green  text.  It hurts my eyes.
Not a question, but fair enough. 
Consider this.

Can I link your site and/or tell all my friends how cool The WOV is?
Absolutely, by all means.  It'd be nice if someone other than myself checked in on this page.  As a matter of fact, I'll have some buttons and banners made up soon for easy link exchange, if you wish it.  Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell your girlfriend--both of them for that matter--that this is the coolest site on the web.  Or just tell them there's lots and lots of steamy teen porn here.

Why are you so vague about your identity?  Like anyone other than your friends look at this page.  Ha!
I took a course in website writing taught by Professor Gene Ray.

I can't stop reading your page!  How can I express my extreme joy and gratitude for living in a free world where excellence of this calibur is readily made available to me on a daily basis?
Well, for starters, you can sign the message board.  That'd be awfully sweet of you.  And of course, you can send any and all electronic correspondence to
Vocephus@hotmail.com.  If you mention that you are really lonely, I'll be sure to write you back A.S.A.P.

Who are the "Faithful Four Readers" I see referenced so often?
Myself (I'm my biggest fan), mom, dad, and of course, you.

So...who gets to contribute to the site, and how?

Ya know, the doors are open to just about anyone for any kind of contribution they might have.  To be honest, if I had to run this site all on my own, it wouldn't be half as interesting.  Feel free to add to existing features, suggest new ones, or
become a staffer here at the WOV.  All arrangements can be made via electronic correspondence, or over a slice of pie.

~~So stick around, why don't ya?  You might just learn something.  And maybe...just maybe...you might learn a little something about yourself.