Other sations that make use of the Hoogeveen Maildrop are : Alfa Lima International, Bandonica, Astoria, Union, Eastcoast Holland, Enterprise, Dutch relay service Chaos radio. You will be brought to their webpages when their name is pressed

Voice of the Netherlands

orgin > http://www.oocities.com/voice_of_the_netherlands/ < orgin


Hello Friends. Finaly our own webpage again. What we are planning to do here is give you a bit of an idea how we are pxing around the world with pictures and information.  Aswel info how about to contact us.

We hope you will enjoy this page and feel free to send us any comment\


Here the transmitter we are always using on 41 mb

Power around 800 watss with build in modulator with two tubes at the final called QB 5/1750 witch should be good for 3000 watss of modullation

The adresses to contact us at are :
P.O.Box 663
7900AR  Hoogeveen
The Netherlands

Email: votn@hotmail.com

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