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Facts About Compressed Natural Gas


Natural gas has an octane rating of 130.

Natural gas remains a vapor when compressed.

Natural gas does not contaminate motor oil.

Engines fueled by natural gas are easier to start in cold weather.

Natural gas is not imported.

Natural gas is odorized.

We can help support our dear Country by operating our cars and Trucks on natural gas.

Natural gas burns cleaner than Diesel and gasoline.

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Is natural gas safe as a motor fuel?

Yes! Natural gas is safe.

Here are some reasons why:

At 1100° F, the ignition temperature of natural gas is approximately 500° F higher than gasoline.

There are strict flammable limits for natural gas. If the mixture is leaner than 4% or richer than 14%, natural gas will not ignite.

Natural gas is lighter than air. If a leak occurs, the gas rises in the air to the highest level and dissipates. When gasoline, propane and other liquid fuels leak, they often form puddles or settle into storm drains. Natural gas is even safe to use in tunnels and other below grade facilities.

Are natural gas storage cylinders safe?

Unlike other fuel tanks, natural gas fuel cylinders are at least 3/8" thick, depending on the manufacturer's specifications. All natural gas cylinders are constructed to strict DOT, CTC or ANSI NGV2 requirements.

What type of vehicle can be converted to natural gas power?

Vehicles with either carbureted or fuel injected gasoline engines can utilize natural gas including buses, trucks, cars, forklifts, stationary engines, standby generators, and many other applications, including diesel engines. No internal changes to your vehicle, Significant cost savings, cleaner environment and better living.

What happens to the equipment when a converted vehicle is retired?

The equipment can be reinstalled on a new vehicle several times with minor modifications. Thousands of conversion kits sold in the 70s are still in operation on new vehicles today.

How long does it take to fill a vehicle?

A "Quick Fill System" only takes a few minutes. A "Time Fill System" can automatically fill many vehicles overnight while unattended.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary for each situation; however, after asking you a few questions about your fleet, fuel consumption and parking arrangements, a firm price can be quoted.

How long does it take to recoup my investment?

Depending on the fuel consumption of the vehicles converted the pay back period is approximately 30 to 36 months. A higher mileage vehicle has a faster pay back period.

What happens if the vehicle runs out of natural gas?

A fuel selector switch mounted on the dash allows the driver to change from natural gas to gasoline or, an electronic module can change fuels automatically.


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