this is me

Hi, this is Vu. I am currently a junior (although I do have enough hours to be a senior) at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. I am a beginner at making a webpage, so please dont laugh at me.

honeyandme vudoan vudoan vudoan honeyandme

These are pictures of my fiance!!!(the love of my life) and me.

Why I Made This Page

Reason number one: Because I have way too much time on my hands. Another reason is that I want my friends to have somewhere that they can look back and always know that there is always a friend for them. The people presented in this page are one of the best people that anyone can ever meet, and you CANNOT find a better group of people to be with. In a way they are my own special family and I am so honored to have them in my life.

the guys at prom
this picture was taken by our physics teacher during our senior year

Sorry I haven't been working on this page for so long. I recently lost the daily use of a computer and I have been very busy with school and stuff. I should resume working on the webpage in a week or so. At that time there will be many changes to the page. For one thing i have just developed many pictures that I will use. I think many of you will find the pictures very interesting.


Go Here to see the pictures that we took in Oklahoma.

Go Here to see Lily's ultrasound pictures.

Go Here to see my engagement pictures.

Go Here to see the grossest picture I have ever seen.

Go Here to see other pictures.

These are my friends/family:


During springbreak of '99 we all went to Galveston for the day. Godfather had a little accident.

hoang,vu and truong

The Three Sens'Asians'

Can anyone tell me who this little guy is?

andy The Assassins
Trung Luong Tuan Pham Lam Nguyen
Hoang Le Vu Do Truong Ta
Hieu Lu Dinh Nguyen Long Nguyen
Michael Nguyen Patrick Nguyen
Vien Phan Andy Menges Sheri Offenhauser
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