Sexy Sights - Visible Panty Lines or VPLs

There is nothing sexier than the glimpse of a skimpy pair of panties (preferably thong or g-string) through an item of clothing. This sight has become known as a VPL (Visible Panty Line). VPL is the general term used for this very appealing spectacle.  My favourite kind of sight is that when a thong panty rides over a pair of jeans or skirt and a bit of flesh shows between the panty waistband and the jeans like in the pic below...... ooohhhhhh, I think it's so sexy.  In fact I would like to ask anyone who has similar pics to e-mail them to me and I'll be very grateful.  This kind of pic is known as an 'exposed thong' and I have a very large collection in my photo gallery so check it out if you like these kind of pics too.

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Personal Exposed Thongs and Down Pants Pics

Updated 26th June, 2001

All photos taken exclusively by VPL Lover and never published on the net before

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VPL photography is a passion or obsession which I have and would like to share with other people who might have the same passion.  All the photos in my photo gallery have been taken by myself in my own free time and have never been published before on any other website.   I'll update my photo gallery from time to time with any new photos I'll have.  

Please e-mail me with any VPL, upskirt and downblouse photos, exciting stories or experiences or even any comments and suggestions to improve my website and I'll send you my latest pics.

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