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This site offers information about adult nonHodgkin's
B-cell lymphomas in the context of integrative medicine.
Some of the information may be of use to people
with other types of lymphoma as well.

Disclaimer: All information, lay advice, and sharing of experience
contained herein is provided within a self-help, peer-to-peer framework,
and is not to be construed as a substitute for
consulting your medical care givers. All who participate assume
the risks inherent in medical self-education and self-care.

3-21-08: I have not worked on this site for many years; it got labor intensive, and I wanted to live lymphoma-free in my mind if not body. But during the last year I nearly died from a nasty bout with recurrence, and I have decided to do updates to few sections as health and time permits. Stay tuned to new info.

Cell types:

Treatment options:

Other related information:

Dedicated to the memory of Trisha Del Viscio, my first lymphoma friend,
who helped me survive the first months through sharing
what she had learned, and through her kindness.


Created by Vera Bradova
Updated 3-20-2008

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