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Amanda Nicholas

Album : Amanda
Label : GMM (Thailand); Avex (China/Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong)
Release Date : 10 July 2001 (Thailand)

Amanda Nicholas (nicknamed “Run”) is the new face of Thailand’s Grammy Entertainment and a real break from the norm. Signed to the company’s international division Global Music Media – who release the likes of the Backstreet Boys in Thailand – she is their first "homegrown" star to be promoted as an “international” artist - she sings all her songs in English and her name is about as English as you could get.

Amanda is certainly a good pop debut that will win the hearts of teenagers thanks to its straightforward innocence and charm. A 17-year-old Eurasian schoolgirl, who looks much younger, Amanda has a cute teen image and songs to fit. The album opens with her Thai number one “Carry Me Away”. Written for her by producer/songwriter Simon Henderson (who is behind many of the tracks on the album), it is pop with an REM influence, said to be about poignant moment sitting by the ocean in Hua Hin (a Thai beach resort).

Often reminiscent of the Bubble Girls, Amanda’s singing voice is sometimes a little high but she’s obviously got talent. Lyrically, the songs deal with adolescent concerns that all teens will be able to relate to – being told that she’s “lazy” (“I’m Just a Girl”); wanting to be viewed as an adult not a child (“Tell Me How I should Know”); and crying at night because of a broken heart (“The World Goes Around”).

Typical of album’s happy-go-lucky vibe is the sweet pop-dance number “Luck” with its Eurobeat rhythm and cheery words (“Today’s going to be OK because the fortune teller said so/ So I think it’s safe to go out/ Put on my finest pair of shades/ Pack my bags I’ll go west to the seaside… ) The upbeat saccharine “pop” vibe gets a bit too silly sometimes on this album – she covers the sickly old song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”!

Amanda also pulls off two pretty good cover versions – she showcases her vocal skills, accompanied only by piano, on Extreme’s “More Than Words” and does a sexy R&B thing on Shanks & Bigfoot’s “Sweet Like Chocolate”.

Before Amanda takes on the world, she will be promoted in the Asia Pacific. It’s possible that she could follow Bazoo and China Dolls in promoting Thai pop to a wider audience – and maybe her English singing could even make her a hit back “home” in the States too.

--Taken from Pop Idols