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Thai actress-turned-singer Buachompoo Ford has a lovely voice and pretty face to match. POPidols talked to her about love, life, studying and her debut pop album Buachompoo, released by Grammy Entertainmentís Music Cream imprint.

POPidols: How did you become a singer?
Buachompoo: Iíve enjoyed singing since I was young, but I never thought I would end up being a singer or even being in the entertainment business. However, when the chance came to me, I had to give it a try. I started as a TV presenter and then [appeared in] dramas and now Iím a singer.

POPidols: How long did it take to make this album?
Buachompoo: Two years. Before we started recording we had to do a lot of research. The production team tried to find a concept for the album that suited me. They said that it was difficult because I was an actress too. First we decided to make a pop-dance album but that didnít suit me. When they came up with the idea for Buachompoo, I felt that it was right for me.

POPidols: What do you expect from the fans?
Buachompoo: Before the full album was released, I sung on the TV drama Kak Petch and that was a test. We found that the viewers liked it even though they didnít know I planned to become a singer. I got a lot of good feedback from fans. People called in to radio shows and requested that song. I worked hard on this album though and I donít want people to dismiss me as an actress who has become a singer.

POPidols: Which do you find more difficult: singing or acting?
Buachompoo: Singing is more difficult. Itís a very new thing for me, but I can also use my acting experience sometimes Ė like in the music video. However, itís not that easy being on stage as Iím not a very outgoing person. For now though, Iím happy that I have my own songs that I can sing for my fans.

POPidols: What do you plan to do about your acting career now?
Buachompoo: I just want to focus on my singing career, but that doesnít mean I will quit acting. I have another drama that is going to be on-air soon.

POPidols: How do you manage to find time to study too?
Buachompoo: Now Iím studying the Faculty of Fine Arts at Thammasat University, Rangsit [Bangkok]. I try to join the classes as much as I can as I donít want to skip them.

POPidols: Besides singing and acting, what else do you want to do?
Buachompoo: I dream of having a restaurant. It would have a nice atmosphere and good food, but I would also still want to work in the entertainment field.

POPidols: Tell us about your romance with Danai ďDanĒ SamuthkojornÖ
Buachompoo: We are friends as we always have been. He called me when he heard my songs, but he didnít say much. Many people think that we are a couple, but we are just two friends among a big group of friends. People saw us out together and they thought we were alone, but the truth is that we have always met when we went out with big groups of friends. We are not a couple.

POPidols: What is your ideal man like?
Buachompoo: I like tall guys Ė but not as tall as Willy McIntosh! When I co-starred with him in the drama, I looked tiny. Most of all, the guys I like must be nice and not too jealous. I think itís important that you feel comfortable when you are together with someone.

POPidols: Is there anything youíd like to say to your fans?
Buachompoo: Yes, please keep up-to-date with my work Ė check out this album! I worked hard on it and I hope everyone will like it.

Interviewed By: Vorachest Homjan

--Taken from Pop Idols