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For Sale
EX Racing Thoroughbred
check it out at
or phone 630-830-5548
Saddle & Bridles Bits.Spurs misc.

call John Coop 630-554-1228
2000 Bison, 2 horse stock.  Good tires & Floor.  Rubber mats on the floor.  Has a swing gate right behind
the escape door.  Great for hauling horses, moving furniture and appliances, hauling lawn mowers and
motorcycles or picking up 50 bales of hay - we have used this trialer for just about everything!!!  1 owner.
GREAT shape - not beat up at all, even on the inside.  Need a bigger trailer with living quarters so unfortunately
we must sell this one.  $3000 OBO.  E-Mail Mark or Vickie at: 

        Wanted:  Approx. 10 year old Appyloosa
                             Good trail horse.
                E-Mail - catfish4162@yahoo.com

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