Waa-shee Riders

History of the Waashee Riders

The club started in 1962 with Clarion Chapman as first President.
They had meetings in the Seneca area.
He had an arena, so the members would square-dance on horses.
They were - naturally -- very good.
The name "Waa-Shee" means - "dancing rider" in Indian.
They would practice and perform often.
Many people would not ride with us - because we rode too rough!

Some past Presidents:
Garry Davis - Sheridan
Gary Hyslop - Mount Vernon
Dale Irons - Kangley
Kurt Warren - Newark
Butch Olsen - Marseilles
Ann Karkut - Lockport

~INFO From Cherri Day~

If anyone has any other information about our history or some
Pics from past rides, dances, or any club activities
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