February 11, 2006       Washington Cavy Fanciers Double Show at Pickering Barn in Issaquah with the Eastside Rabbit & Cavy 4hr’s club.  Judges will be Al & Nean Lund of Delta, B.C.  Show secretary is Sheryl Newland. Email me at sheryl.newland@gmail.com.


February 18, 2006       VIRBA single cavy show in Victoria, B.C.  Judge is Jan Gosen.  Show secretary is Judy Currie: however send cavy entries to Jen Lord: jjlord@shaw.ca.


February 25, 2006       Nampa, Idaho: Pioneer Cavy Fanciers double cavy show with judges Ron Smelt & Waldemar Perez.  Show sec.: Marla Schaefer 208-338-4602.



February 25, 2006       OCBS Winter Show-Eugene, OR.  Judge: maybe Penny Deggelman.


March 18, 2006           Tri-cities Rabbit & Cavy Assn. double Show in Kennewick, WA.  Judges are Ron Smelt & Nancy Richmond.  Show sec: Aggie: AARabbits@charter.net.  Email entries by March 14th, $3 each.


March 18 & 19, 2006  EERBA in Eugene, OR, single cavy show each day.  Lane Co. Fairgrounds.  Not sure who is judging.


March 25, 2006           Pear Blossom RBA is hosting a show in Central Point, OR.  Baseball501@Jeffnet.org for more info.


April 1 & 2, 2006         Portland, OR-NW Follies.  A possible quad show in the making right now.  Ask Sheryl Newland for more info!  There might be 4 Open Shows and 1 Youth Show…..


April 8, 2006    SSCC double show, Graham, WA.  Show sec: Liana Smith-Jones.


April 21-23, 2006        ACBA Specialty Show in River Falls, Wisconsin.  Check out the ACBA website for more info.


April 22, 2006  Washington Cavy Fanciers Double Show in Bremerton, WA at the Kitsap Co. Fair.  Judges TBA.


April 22, 2006              Pacific Coast Rabbit & Cavy Breeders show in Myrtle Point, OR.  Email for more info: paccoastrcba@yahoo.com.


May 6, 2006    Washington Cavy Fanciers Birthday Show in Monroe with the NWRBA.  Double show with judges TBA.  Show sec.: Sheryl Newland: Sheryl.newland@gmail.com.


May 20, 2006  OCBS Crazy 8 Show in Canby, OR.  Double show, judges TBA.


June 2-4, 2006             Oregon State Convention in Newport, WA.  Judges: Randy Shumaker on the 2nd, Dana Kolstad & Linda Loucks on the 3rd, and Cliff Dick on the 4th.


June 10, 2006  Washington Cavy Fanciers Bothell Co. Village Show.  Judges TBA.  Usually a double show.  Show secs: Sheryl Newland & Raina Davis.


June 24-24-2006         Washington State Convention, Ellensburg, WA.  Judges: Carol Sandler & TBA.  Show secs: Sheryl Newland & Nancy Davis: njdinaz@worldnet.att.net.


July 8, 2006     Great NWR&CG- show in Monroe, WA.  Show sec; Sheryl Newland.  Judge TBA.


July 15 & 16, 2006      Alaska State Convention, Palmer, AK.  6 shows in 2 days!  Judges will be: John Soper, Randy Shumaker & Cliff Dick.


August 5, 2006 OCBS Summer Show in Brownsville, OR with Judge Jim Hupp, and a round robin of judges present.


September 9, 2006       OCBS High Desert Hop Show in Redmond, OR, a double.  Show sec: Karla Casebolt???  silvercrest@comcast.net.


October 7, 2006          NWRBA Show in Monroe, WA.


October 14, 2006        TRCA Double Show in Kennewick, WA.  Judges TBA.  Show sec: Aggie: AARabbits@charter.net.


October 28, 2006        SSCC Spooktacular in Graham, WA??  Ask Chris at gpigs@juno.com.


October 29-November 2          ARBA Nationals in Ft. Worth, TX.  See the ARBA web site for more info.


November 11, 2006     OCBS Fall Fancy Double Show in Eugene, OR.


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Some artwork used with permission of Juliet Barrera.