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Nov 2008
Wade's Web Page
Want to hear a long, boring story to explain why you had to follow a link here?  I designed this website back in 1999.  I had taught myself HTML to build a website for my department when I was the Supply Officer at Naval Support Activity, La Maddalena.  When I returned to the U.S. after a couple of years of traveling, I was staying with my friend Evin in L.A..  During that time I discovered Geocities, which was basically the precursor to social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.  I decided to apply my new skills and create a way for lost friends from around the world to find me and see what was going on with me, and for my own amusement.  Of course, once I entered the business world, I would go years without updating it.

And now, everyone looks me up on facebook, so I decided, instead of redoing everything there, I would just link it to here.  So of course I had to update least for now.
I also used this website to post my resume when I returned from Europe and began looking for a job. Click to see my resume.

I also have a few pictures besides those in the travel section (click to see a
picture).  Granted, they are way out of date, but I like them.  They remind me of when I was young and moderately attractive (and by young I mean 31).  Two were taken by my friend Paul (see FaceBook) when he was in L.A..  He is a photographer in Australia.  I met him in Melbourne in 1993 while I was traveling after my tour in Antarctica.  Somewhere I have pictures he took of me there, when I was even younger.
Travel Agency contains a list of countries I have visited.  It also contains some pictures, though it is out of date and fairly sparse.  One of these days I hope to get around to loading some more.
Travel Agency
This section contains pictures of my art collection.  I have been collecting art for years and try to pick up new pieces during my travels around the world.  Though it, too, is out of date.
Art Gallery
When I started this site, while a beach bun on Venice beach in L.A., every morning I would go out to the beach and read.  I was plowing through books from Evin's library and decided to write up reviews.  Mind you, this list hasn't been updated since about 2002.
This is my beloved car.  I originally put a picture of it here because I was trying to sell it when I was in L.A. and I was planning to use the money to move back to Europe, but that obviously didn't pan out.

So I kept it all of these years.  I didn't really need it living in NYC, but since it was paid off and only had 30K miles on it, I wasn't too keen on absorbing all of the depreciation and letting the next owner get a great deal.  Also, I used it in the summers to go out to the Hamptons.

Also, I am sort of attached to it because I bought it at the factory in Sweden, then& took it on a driving tour of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany, then through Switzerland back to Italy when I was living there.  I even got to open it up on the German autobahn at 143 mph (240 kph)
Any long lost friends or fellow travelers I met along the way can email me at
Wade Epps, Wade Epps, Wade Epps, Wade Epps, Wade Epps.