By Ryan Wagner:

Travel Photos

The Gambia and Senegal, West Africa

The twins, Awa and Adama. School construction.

The day I tickled a Crocodile. Hut-compound in Senegal.

The Bering Sea, Alaska

Orcas from trawler wheelhouse. Akutan Island, the Aleutian Islands.

The Bridger Mountains, Montana

My morning hike to the hawkwatch. At the hawk migration monitor site.
Poems: Sacred and Meditative

^ Eternal Mother, how Your splendour and
Magnificence surpass all human sense!
Your warm affection nourishes the hearts
Of all forlorn, infirm, condemmed, and grief-
strick' outcast folk. Those who persist in toils
of probity or nonconformity
serve You as vessels of Your Spirit's truth!
Oh Goddess, please empower me to serve
Both You and humankind, by loving those
Unloved and shunned, uplifting the abased
And fleeing covetous self-consciousness.


Research in Computational Biology