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The Fundamental Methods of Bioinformatics and Gene Analysis
  • DNA and Protein alignments are the most essential tool in Bioinformatics.
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  • Purposes of DNA and Protein alignments:
    • To search for homology between sequences[1].
    • To assess the quality of gene-sequencing or gene-finding.[2]
    • To search databases of genes which have already been sequenced.
    • When aligning more than two sequences, to reconstruct phylogeny.
    • Also for alignments of more than two sequences, to infer protein structure.[1]

an evolutionary relationship between two sequences in that they share a common ancestor, usually unknown. Similarity of structural folds is considered the "gold standard" of homology[1].
Homologous genes found in the genomes of different species.
Homologous genes which occur in the same genome, almost always as a result of gene duplication.
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