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Naaman was a great man. He was respected by his master, blessed by the LORD, and counted a mighty man of valour. There was one strike against him. He was a leper; leprosy is symbolic of sin, unclean, confining, separates people from GOD and GOD from HIS children, causes them to be out of relationship.

There are many good people today who are sinners. They are faithful to pay tithes, good citizens, good neighbors, good, but that is NOT enough, full of RIGHTEOUSNESS, but empty of GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS.

A young girl did personal ministry. She could have said, "I can't do anything; I'm a prisoner", could have said,"I wish I could work for GOD", did NOT say she was in wrong company, did NOT think she had the wrong job, did NOT think she was a failure because of her circumstances, testified to her ENEMY; the one who keep her in prison, wanted to win other RACES and DENOMINATIONS!

Brighten the place where you are. You can testify to a Russian if he takes you captive, try to convert your enemy AND get him HEALED, carry the Gospel to ALL the world, to EVERY PERSON, be the LORD'S witness in the area where HE placed you, refuse to stand back because of CHURCH, DOCTRINES, or RACE, witness on your job, see signs follow, and GOD confirm HIS WORD.

This young girl kept witnessing faithfully. She caused a chapter to be written in the Bible, refused to become discouraged, did her duty, although no one was watching, refused to have a self-pity-party or to quit testifying, she believed her work would be rewarded, never thought her ministry would reach the King, proved that personal ministry reaches out, saw that GOD'S WORD won't return void.

Naaman was the ONLY leper healed in his country. But it was NOT GOD'S fault that people were NOT TOLD, GOD is willing that everyone FOLLOW the young girl's example, others did NOT let their light shine, other WITNESSES let circumstances OVERCOME them, MANY more lepers COULD have been healed had others witnessed, many had been told HEALING PASSED AWAY, many lepers were told that disease is sometimes GOD'S WILL, and had their faith ruined.

Natural healing methods were sought to obtain healing. The king of Syria sent an official letter to the king of Israel, wanted to bind the LORD by TRADITION, sent money to BUY Naaman's healing, sent ten talents of silver, 6000 pieces of gold, ten suits, sent to the wrong man for healing, did NOT realize that GOD works THROUGH INDIVIDUALS, did NOT know that healings come from the HOLY SPIRIT, did NOT have his heart right in GOD'S eyes (Acts 8), wanted to buy God's healing power, was in was in the gall of bitterness and bond of sin (Acts 8).

The king of Israel thought the Days-Of-Miracles had past. He knew that God worked miracles in Moses' day, but did NOT realize that God was STILL in the healing business, did NOT recognize what was being done through God's servant, like many important people today, did NOT know God was at work, like many church officials, did NOT realize God uses country boys, thought that the king of Syria was seeking to DEBATE on theology, like many educated people today, was thinking on debating.

Elisha threw out the challenge, because the news had been published, that kind of news made larger headlines than Naaman's healing, he was grieved that the nation was so far backslid, he wanted people to know that God was still in business, there is a God that answers prayer, God had NOT given Israel up, although men had become MODERN, religious men had LOST their faith.

Naaman wanted to rush through the healing line, for he naturalized the things of God, he THOUGHT that Elisha would tap him on the head and heal him, he THOUGHT that he could buy his healing, he wanted to earn his healing with his righteousness, he BELIEVED that his name and position would demand service.

Had he been living today, or been a modern Naaman, he might have said, I will get to the preacher early for I'm in a hurry, I will try to be the first one to go through the line, my prestige will help me get a healing card first, if I'm first in line I will likely be healed first, he will be obligated to lay hands on me before he does others.

Naaman was sadly disappointed and became critical. He found that he had a critical spirit he did NOT know he had, was NOT the nice man that all the people thought he was, thought he was mistreated and discriminated against, thought Elisha caused him to lose a week's work, was used to receiving priority, for his time was valuable.

Naaman would have died BEFORE his time had he not LEARNED that God does NOT always work with tradition, God was willing to heal him even before he entered a healing line, he MUST get rid of his carnal mind and natural thoughts, getting into a line would NOT heal him, a card and a number would not guarantee healing, he must first get his heart in tune with the Lord.

He was NOT healed until he FIRST saw that he MUST NOT depend on his works and his righteousness, he MUST depend on the Lord's name instead of his own name, it was God's power instead of his own power, God did NOT demand works, reputation, a great name, or fame, it is the finished work of Christ that heals, he MUST first become as a little child and find the Healer, he MUST trust in the finished work with a simple faith.

Had Elisha been some modern minister of today, he would have tried to give everyone an equal chance, placed them in order in the healing line as they came, tried to avoid all the criticism he could, tried to not stop praying until he reached all them in the line, broken himself down physically trying to please all the people, then wondered WHY God would NOT trust him with a greater ministry.

If we will see how it was done in Bible times we'll find nine-tenths of the people were healed WITHOUT hands being laid on them, ninety-five percent of them were healed WITHOUT oil, MOST of them were healed without sending for the elders, they were healed instantly without long prayers, the ministers broke tradition and rituals, healing came in a way they were NOT expecting, GOD'S Spirit was NOT bound to one METHOD, nearly ALL of them were healed at a word without any praying.

Since Elisha was a God called minister he knew that the time to quit cooking is when the stove cools off, if you keep praying after the anointing lifts you are carnal, as much as one who keeps speaking in tongues after the anointing leaves, God does NOT want us to make the work of God a form and a ritual, modern ministers lay hands on people with NO results, many people would make a healing service a method, he must stop praying when God directed him, it was God that did the healing and NOT him.

It sometimes takes more than one Spiritual gift to set people free. In the Bible defines healing in the plural, "gifts of healing", you need the word of wisdom to know what to do with the word of knowledge, discerning of spirits operated when Peter came to Simon the Sorcerer. The expected gifts of miracles failed to work (Acts 8), Peter rebuked Simon for trying to buy healing, Elisha saw the same spirit in Naaman, Paul perceived that a man had faith, before he told him to walk.

Jesus saw their faith BEFORE he commanded the man to walk, Elisha could have laid hands on Naaman with NO results, discerning of spirits worked instead of healing. The word of wisdom gave him the solution that worked.

Elisha saw into the spirit world. Then he knew dipping six times would NOT heal, Naaman would be healed as he dipped the seventh time, that if he dipped seven times in some other river it would NOT work, that God's ways are NOT our ways; His thoughts are NOT our thoughts, that complete obedience was the ONLY thing that would cure Naaman, that Naaman's PRIDE must be broken down BEFORE he was set free.

God looks down into the heart of man. He knows that HE would NOT have received the glory had Naaman been healed by Elisha's hands, many people will go to a wizzard or a witch as quickly as they will to us, it takes the Spirit to bring us spiritual healing.

Naaman had to depend on the MERCY of God instead of man, His glory He will not give to another; Naaman was looking for hands, a line, a card, or a number to heal, Naaman was looking to be healed in the same way others had received healing, personal workers should explain that it takes MORE than a line to heal.

All men with the Naaman nature use natural reasoning, the carnal mind learns how to have a healing meeting, if water saves then I'll use the water from MY own church, I will try to educate MYSELF in getting things from God, the forms and rituals of the church are what we need, I must trust in anointing oil, laying on of hands, I must seek healing lines, healing cards, faith healers, I must work my way through and depend on MY own merits.

Naaman received perfect healing AFTER he found that he MUST become HUMBLE AS a little child, six dips would not do. God demanded obedience, he could NOT buy healing, earn it, or merit it, he saw himself HELPLESS before God, became willing to do the SIMPLE things God commanded, God used His MEN to INSTRUCT people, that he could NOT understand all of God's way.

At the time of this writing I am in Africa. We see twenty-five hundred people seeking salvation at once, we cannot get to each of them individually, we tell them all to accept Jesus as we pray, as at Pentecost, we expect them to all respond to Jesus and obey the Word at once.

Moses told the people to look at the serpent to be healed, he did NOT tell them they must let him pray for them one by one, they obeyed God, looked at the serpent and received healing, had they waited until moses gained strength to pray for them one by one, they would have DIED suffering from the snake bite, Moses would have worn himself out and died before his time.

Jesus CAN do as much as the brazen (brass) serpent. He can heal everyone that looks, thousands of people may look at once, their faith can respond to the Word all at ONE time, certainly Jesus CAN do as much as the brazen serpent, there is a LIFE for a look, each one CAN be saved or healed as they look to Jesus.

In Africa about three thousand are seeking healing at one time. God showed me in a dream to teach them all to see healing at once, they have a right to expect to receive healing as I pray, in this way I am NOT showing partiality, I am NOT discriminating against any RACE or DENOMINATION, it is the only way I can be fair to everyone, each person may use their own faith and own prayer, then they may be healed after I am gone, Jesus is with them always even to the end, He will never leave or forsake them. All we have time to do is have a testimony line, we have no time for a healing line, seventy-four DEAF and forty-seven BLIND were healed at one prayer, the ministers could NOT understand that for awhile, at the end of the campaign they said that was the only way we could have done it. We MUST teach those seeking healing that God is sovereign and larger than all healing lines, His hands can reach further than the hands of a preacher, God can heal a thousand people as easily as He can one, the time to be healed is when the power of God is present, they must NOT wait to be ministered to individually.

(Read John 5:1-5)

Recently I looked over the place where this man was healed. I realized it was God's will to heal them all at once, they all did not know it, they believed that only one could be healed, they believed that only the one in front of the line was eligible, they all wanted to be healed, but believed wrong, there must be a lesson in that for us.

Those healed in Old Testament days were healed through the atonement - as David, as he was offering praise to the Lord (Ps. 103:1-3), millions of Israelites, as they ate the flesh of the lamb (Ps. 105:37), God's people, as they looked forward to the cross (Isa. 53:5), thousands of people, as they looked at the brazan serpent, the disobedient people, as Phinehas offered atonement for them (Num. 25:11).

Those who received forgiveness of sins did so by the atonement, David, as he was giving thanks to the Lord (Psalms 103:1-3), forgiveness of sins comes no other way (Heb. 9:22), as they observed the passover they looked forward to the cross, we look backward to the cross as we observe the Communion, troubling of the water was the type of the atonement (I Peter 2:24), what is in the atonement is for ALL (Matt. 8:16-17).

The people lying near the pool had only ONE way. They thought that was the only way they could be healed, thought they must be at the front of the healing line, believed the first to be healed was the first one in line, did NOT know that just any of them could receive healing, were going to let those who could not walk miss their deliverance, were bound by a certain way; they limited God.

Many of the people found they could be healed without a prayer line, the Nobleman's son, who was healed at a distance, David, who was healed without a healing card, Hezekiah, even before he entered a line, or purchased a healing card, the woman with the issue of blood, although others arrived first, the centurion's servant, who was a long way from the front line.

The man HAD to be willing to be healed. You aren't READY IF you believe that it is God's will to keep you sick because, you have a thorn in the flesh, you must stay sick to be in his will, you must first get into a healing line, or get a card, you must receive divine healing in a certain way.

God wants you to KNOW His will and LEARN that Jesus wants to break the tradition of the elders, He is even willing to heal on the Sabbath day, you can be healed before you get into a line, He does NOT want you to go home without healing and die prematurely, getting into a line WILL NOT heal you if you cannot hear His voice, to receive Spiritual healing you MUST contact the Holy Spirit, laying on of hands will NOT do unless you touch God.

Before you enter a line or have hands laid on you know that God is bigger than a healing card, custom or method, YOU MUST be willing to be made whole, without a healing line, YOU may hear His voice, NOW, where you are, He is with you always even to the end of the age, He is present to heal; right by your side, NOW, He is waiting on YOU to become ready! He is ready NOW, IF you think you must be in a line to be healed YOU are NOT ready, IF you think you must be in line to be delivered you will wait until then.

Man makes customs, traditions, rituals, and forms. Some sit on an altar for prayer , run them through a line and lay hands on them, anointing with oil and have them to confess publicly, make them kneel and pray an hour , think the pool may represent man's forms and methods.

When you get your eyes on Jesus you will get your eyes off the old pool, get out of man's pattern of doing things, KNOW that a method or ritual will never heal, LEARN that merely laying on of hands will not deliver you, discover that it IS God's WILL to heal anyone, feel Him near you, offering you freedom NOW.

You can be made whole where you are if you realize that God is bigger than a healing line, method or custom, will hear his voice NOW, are willing to be made whole without a pool, card, or individual prayer , will COME where He is present to heal, KNOW that He is NOW ready, waiting, and willing. Arise, take up your bed and walk.

Your bed represents WHAT you have been relying on for many years, some man-made method, idea, theology, tradition, method, ritual, form, ceremony, a fixed idea, a pool, a bottle of oil, a line, a preacher whom you believe is the one to pray for you.

You can discard the tradition of the elders as this man did hear His voice, believe, obey, before you go through a man-made cookie cutter , be healed by His presence, without a line or a card, learn that it is not the position in the line, it is not laying on of hands, or the number of your card, it is being willing, hearing His voice, believing Him, it is acting on His Word-at His time, which is NOW (Ps.46:1), arise, get your eyes off the pool, take up your bed. WALK NOW!

(Read Mark 2:1-12; Matt. 9:1-8; Luke 5:18-26)

Some meetings are NOT noised abroad because healing becomes too common to some people, personal workers are NOT on their job, many people have no burden to win others, some ministers are ONLY interested in their OWN group, they are after members instead of winning souls, some think it is the will of God to be sick, some do NOT want the healing service to be successful.

God wants us to noise it abroad because He commands us to make known His deeds among the people, Jesus commands us to carry the gospel (good news) to every creature, the Lord says, "Ye are my witnesses", the Great Commission says, "Go and teach ALL nations", the Holy Ghost gives us power to cast out devils, we are breaking a commandment if we do NOT tell every person, he says go to the uttermost parts of the earth, ALL races, ALL people, Christ died for each person in each nation, in each denomination.

Had it NOT been noised abroad the house would NOT have been full, it would have been like many healing services are today, the sinner would NOT have been there to be converted, no sick would have been there to be healed, Jesus would have gone to find someone in need, the sick man would have stayed on his bed of affliction, the poor man would have never heard about God's mercy, he would have been told that God wanted him to stay sick.

Advertising brought results in that service. To make His deeds known you can be His written epistles, read and known by all men, be a witness by personal contact, use billboards, flyers, posters, radio, newspapers, television, parades, bus signs, magazines, card, letters, loud speakers, telephone, you can do anything to let the people know that Jesus is in the house.

Get these FACTS down deep into your heart. It was NOT noised abroad because the people came, the people came because it was noised abroad, Jesus was NOT there because it was noised abroad, it was noised abroad because Jesus was there, Jesus wants us to noise it abroad that He is in our midst, He is with us always even to the end of the world, He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us.

After it was noised abroad it seems that the people came from a distance, there was no room about the door, the house and the yard were filled, they were looking in at the windows, the ushers were holding back the crowd, the mockers and scoffers were there, the debaters were wanting to start a debate, God's people were happy and rejoicing.

He preached the Word to them, such as "I am the Lord that healeth thee", "There was not one feeble' person among their tribes", " As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness", "Who forgiveth ALL thine iniquities; who healeth ALL thy diseases", "The Lord will take away from thee ALL sickness", "I will take sickness away from the midst of thee", "Neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling", "The number of thy days I will fulfill".

Jesus did NOT preach the tradition of the elders, such as maybe you have a thorn in the flesh, you are suffering for the glory of God, maybe it's the will of God for you to stay sick, you must be thankful for your sickness, for it is a blessing, maybe you are suffering to keep you humble, you could be suffering to bring your loved ones to God, sometimes sickness may be given to purify you.

Today I talked to a sincere man here at the hotel in Africa. He was sincere, seeking for the truth of God, asked me if he could be healed if he did not change churches, had crossed eyes from birth, asked if I believed people in his church could be saved, asked if I thought his priest could forgive sins. In a friendly way I told him that he could know that his sins were forgiven, would not have to guess, or run a risk about that, knows it is too important NOT to know, could pray direct to God for himself, could have faith to be healed, should NOT be bound by tradition, may find some in his church with a born again experience.

Then I explained to him that it is the anointing that breaks the yoke and NOT man (Is.10:27), people only heal or remit sin by the anointing (John 20:22-13), it is as easy for the anointing to remit sin as to heal the sick, it is NOT I that doeth the work, but the Father that dwelleth in me, healing the sick proves that Jesus had power to remit sins, his priest should prove that he can remit sin by making the lame walk (Mark 2:10).

Mixed multitude came to that healing service such as Pharisees and doctors of the law, the fighters, despisers, and critics, Satan's seat in God's house was filled, those who were interested and all those unconcerned, all the group together did NOT keep Jesus from healing the man.

Jesus practiced public healing services because healing brings people to God (Acts 9:35), God is stronger than ALL the power of the devil, He would never get to the people one by one, He can heal one thousand as easily as He can heal one, the more people we see healed the more we see saved, this thing is NOT done in a corner.

The power of God was present to heal because Jesus preached the Word of God to them, faith comes by hearing the Word of God, Jesus preached in a simple manner so they could understand it, He did NOT specialize on being a great orator , He was a Minister, Messenger and Master , He did NOT criticize or sermonize, Jesus was no doubt-builder, but a faith-builder, He did NOT drive away faith by preaching tradition.

I believe that the afflicted man wanted to come to church, He was not begged into it against his will, believed that he would be healed if he could get there, did NOT expect the minister to deliver it to his home, heard God's voice with his inner ear, heard the personal worker's witness, and received faith, believed the affliction would leave when he entered God's presence.

He had to press against opposition and find four men, who were willing to put works to their faith, were willing to layoff from their work and work for God, were willing to carry a corner and go to Jesus with the needy, knew that mere faith without corresponding actions is dead, realized the value of cooperation in the work of God, willing to leave ALL doubts and discouragements at home, kept marching until they arrived where God's power was present to heal.

We don't know how many DOUBT-builders they met who told them the man was suffering for the glory of God, the days of miracles are past and gone forever, the man could get healing anywhere, they were running after a sign, they were building personalities, they were wasting their time, what is to be, will be, if it never is.

Each one must carry his corner in a meeting. Some can witness, pray, fast, and believe, tell what God is doing while others are telling what He didn't do, leave it to the scoffer to tell what did NOT happen, talk positive to everyone you meet, work in the prayer room; be an usher; use faith, put out advertising; give in the offering; solve petty problems, TEACH FAITH to young converts; REFUSE to build doubts, instruct people before and after they are prayed for, realize that the darker the corner the brighter the light will shine.

The press hindered from getting to the power present to heal; often it is the crowd of people seeking to be prayed for, it is the people seeking to find a failure, it is the crowd of people seeking curiosity, it is the press that prints newspapers, opposition, propaganda, the printing press that affects public opinion, the press that is influenced by cold, critical, cruel, clergymen, the press that is controlled by an organized body of modern churches.

The pressure may become heavy, but the more Satan works the more God WILL work, every man MUST press his way into the Kingdom, any dead fish can float down stream, it takes a backbone instead of a wish-bone to get people to God, we MUST have some gumption, determination, push, faith.

They found many things to keep them from reaching Jesus. The doctors and lawyers were there, the Pharisees, Sadducees and they that did NOT want others to see, the publicans, critics, debaters, theologians, the crowd, roof, discouragements, doubts, all the people ahead in the line, people who would NOT help, but stood in the way, those who were only interested in themselves.

The roof represents the last thing opposing you reaching Jesus, timidity, fear, public opinion, or pride, bad habits, petty sins, tradition, worldly friends, stubbornness, rebellion, disobedience, doubts, despondency, despair, discouraging thoughts, resistance, unforgiving spirits, hatred, envy; prejudice, tongue, temper, imagination, self-pity, raise the roof and swing into His presence.

The man had the palsy which crippled him for life, incurable, caused all the crowd to stretch their necks, caused the critics to snear, and criticize, was one of the most stubborn afflictions, was the affliction that Jesus wants to heal, when it is healed brings glory to God and His work, when it is healed brings sinners into the fold.

The four men would NOT quit or give up. They would NOT listen to Satan's discouragements, cooperated with, and encouraged one another, believed in coopeartion and team-work, knew a quiter never wins, and a winner never quits, tried another plan when they saw one plan failed, set an example for every personal worker and soul winner to follow, helped write a wonderful chapter in the Bible.

These four men set us an example in working for God. They proved that faith with works is alive, went right ahead working and did not wait on one another, began to pry off the tile roof; each of them pulling off a piece, loved humanity so much that they were willing to work, were NOT afraid to use their hands, though their load was heavy, raised the roof for victory , exhausted every plan and means to get a man to Jesus, did what others counted impossible because they used their faith.

They wanted to bring him into the presence of God, where the power of God was present to heal, the Word of God was being taught to the people, faith was being built high for deliverance, expectancy was growing higher each moment, many other people were hearing the Word and being set free, the common people heard Him gladly.

They were willing to accept the miracle God's way, regardless if hands were NOT laid on the man in the bed, Jesus was NOT through with His sermon, they had no healing card or number, it was not time for the healing line to form, no one prayed a long, individual prayer for the men, things were NOT done according to tradition.

We can bring you where the power of God is present to heal where you can hear that inward voice, where you may contact Him for yourself, so you can use your own faith for deliverance, so you can get things clear between your soul and God, then you can hear Him say, "Thy sins be forgiven thee", that is all we can do; then it is left to you to obey Him, He will forgive your sins, and then heal you if you believe Him.

If the gift of discerning of spirits is working we will do as Jesus did, see their faith, say as Paul said, "stand up on your feet", perceive that a man has faith to be healed, NOT pray for people before they are ready, tell when sins are hindering them from being healed, know that the sick man has faith to walk before we speak, only deal with the sick people who are ready for healing, let the others hear the Word taught before we deal with them, NOT spend our time pulling green fruit before it is ripe.

The lame man was healed during the message even before the healing line was formed, before the number of his healing card was called, before he was prayed for individually or had hands laid on him, before the services were over, before people started home, while all the crowd was still there in expectancy, because the Word of God will build faith when it is taught, for the Word of God delivers from sin, casts out devils and delivers.

There was only one thing lacking after he was in God's presence after he got ahead of the doctors and lawyers, after he pressed beyond the hypocrites and scoffers, after he got the hypocrites from behind him and Jesus, after he pressed past all opposition, that was to have his sins forgiven so he could be healed.

His sins were forgiven at a word (Mark 2:5) Even BEFORE he was baptized in water and joined a church, prayed, cried, and begged all night, learned the catechism, forms, rituals, or church dogma, made restitutions, pledges, promises, or confessions, went all over town asking everyone to forgive him, the power of God was there to SAVE and HEAL.

It is the anointing which breaks the yoke, lifts the burden, destroys the bondage, delivers from sin, sickness, disease, and death, gives power to cast out devils, heal the sick, deliver from sin, gave Jesus power to do ALL the work that He did (Acts 10:38), it was the Father that dwelt in Him that did the work (John 14:10).

The Kingdom of God has come nigh when you're you're in a healing service, you can be delivered from sin and sickness at the same time, one is as easy as the other with God's Spirit, the anointing can do what NO man can do, we can have the anointing to deliver men from sin, we can cast out devils and open the prison doors, set the captives free, let the oppressed walk out to liberty, open blind eyes, unstop deaf ears and see the lame man leap.

At a word here in Africa, a Hindu priest was set free. He had been a Hindu priest for thirty years, had a great number of devoted followers in that religion, dragged himself into the large stadium with a crutch, had been paralyzed for a number of years, was crippled in his hands, legs, arms, feet, and body, was instantly delivered and perfectly healed by faith, was delivered without hands being laid on him, without going through a line, or getting a card or number, will be tested and tried by his people, will win his people to God when they see they cannot put spirits on him.

Both the man at Capernaum and this Hindu priest had crippling paralysis and bound by the clutches of sin, were delivered instantly from sin and affliction, were set free at a word by the Holy Ghost anointing, delivered without a card, healing line, or laying on of hands, proved to the people that the power of God was in the audience, caused the people to know that it was NOT man, but God's power present, made the people know that it is not man that heals the people.

This miracle teaches us a few lessons in healing, such as he was healed by an act of obedience, without prayer, he was healed without begging and praying for healing, it is God's will to have public healing meetings, the man's obedience broke down stubborness and pride, laying on of hands will NOT heal in every case, we need a word of wisdom to know what to do in each case, we should lay hands on no man until the Holy Spirit leads us.

God gives this power to men (Matt. 9:8). Jesus set us an example that we, should follow His steps (1 Peter 2:21), it was not He that did the work, but the Holy Ghost (Acts 10:38), He said that we could do the same works (John 14:12), it is the anointing that delivers from sickness (Luke 4:18), it was God that dwelt in Him that did the works (John 14:10), IF we have the Holy Ghost then, God dwells in us (John 14:17), by this power we can heal the sick and cast out devils (Mark 16:15-18).

In Service yesterday I prayed one prayer in the stadium. Five deaf mutes were healed without hands being laid on them, people were saved and healed in a few seconds, there were no healing lines, healing cards, people learned that no denomination or race was discriminated against.

Carnal men misunderstood Jesus when the man was saved and healed. They thought He blasphemed when He told the man he was forgiven, they thought He was saying that a man could forgive sins, it was God dwelling in Him and speaking through Him, God's words may be spoken through men today (John 3:34), if we have the Holy Ghost then God dwells in us, we are only vessels for Him to work through, if He is alive He can do the same works He did then.

The lame man was delivered by a word. Jesus waited until God spoke the words through Him, said he that is of God speaketh God's words (John 3:34), did nothing within himself, spoke the same words of God that created man at first, spoke the same word of God that commanded the sun to stand still, proved to us that we can also be God's mouth piece.

Jesus prayed in the wilderness before this healing service He is our example that we should follow His steps, if He needed to pray before a healing Service, so do we, many people wait until they get to church to pray, some fail to pray at home, and then wonder why signs don't follow, He carried the answer to church with Him, we can have the answer in the bag when we arrive at the service, since He had already prayed He did NOT need to pray for the lame man, He had already prayed through, so He only spoke the word, He merely proclaimed liberty to the captive!

The multitude gave glory to God. It is always healing, and NOT sickness, that brings God glory, the devil gets the glory until you receive healing, God receives the glory after you are healed, NOT before, you must glorify God with your body and spirit, if you do not get healed you are robbing God of His glory.

When they saw this miracle the multitude marveled they saw strange things that day, men were healed without laying on of hands or healing cards, traditions and customs of men were broken down, the Holy Spirit ignored forms, rituals and customs, a crippled man was healed without prayer, at a word! A lady was delivered in this African meeting without prayer. She had been bound by devils for twenty years, was bewitched by a witch doctor who gave her some charms, started to run and get me while I was preaching, said that she did not know what she was doing, was delivered by the Word of God while I was preaching, stomped her charms into the ground, came back many times, telling how completely she was healed!

A Hindu princess was instantly delivered last week. She had been sacrificed to an idol when she was a baby, had cried for eighteen years, but could NOT stop, had been carried to every Hindu temple and doctor for help, was healed at a word without laying on of hands, or prayer, instantly became a happy, smiling Christian, came night after night, telling teaming thousands of people, influenced many Hindus to confess Christ, when they saw I did not touch her they believed Jesus is alive.

You must expect healing when I pray a mass prayer. If you expect it then you will receive it then, don't expect me to get through preaching so you can be healed, get healed so I can get through preaching, you will receive what you expect, and when you expect it, agree with me where you are; don't wait for an individual prayer, if any two on earth will agree, on anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for you of my Father who is in heaven (Matt. 18:18), He is with you now! He will never leave thee or forsake thee.

As many as touch Him are made whole. Reach out, touch Him now. He is by your side, Dear God, heal each one who reads these lines - Amen!

(Read Acts: 12-16)

At one time Peter had cursed, swore and denied the Lord. And it was AFTER he was used mightily of God, had seen miracles, signs, and wonders, had his name written in heaven, healed the sick and cast out devils, preached the gospel and won souls to God.

Peter was trapped by a woman. A woman causes most men's weakness and down fall, Elijah to run and hide after he brought revival to a nation, King David to fall and bring grief to millions, King Solomon to go wrong after he was used of God, King Ahab to do many foolish things.

Most people think Peter sank as he walked to Jesus, but he only started to sink; he cried to Jesus and walked, did more than John, Thomas, and James, who did NOT even try, did more than a baby that falls and never tries again, made a new start, arose and tried again, saw the dawning of a new day after a long night.

Peter received a special invitation although he had cursed, sworn, and denied that he ever knew Jesus, denied Jesus three times and confessed Him three times, denied Jesus publicly and confessed Him publicly, learned his lesson by going through a long dark night, He was given the job of feeding the Lord's sheep.

Peter saw that Jesus still had confidence in him so he- straightened up and proved to be a pebble, forgave himself after Jesus forgave him, did NOT keep condemning himself as most people do, forgot the past and looked forward to the future, was used of God to deliver thousands of others.

Suppose this would happen today. People would never have confidence in Peter again, say that Peter could never, never preach again, not be willing for his preacher's license to be renewed, never forget that "he cursed and swore one day, say that he let a woman cause him to fall, tell the Lord to never trust him or use him again.

The Lord still had confidence in Peter; through his ministry three thousand souls were saved in one day, five thousand souls were saved as he preached one sermon, the lame man at the Gate Beautiful leaped and walked, the Holy Ghost was poured out on the Gentiles, the common people saw that he had God with him.

Peter had much opposition from the clergymen; they misunderstood him because he was not always orthodox, put him down in their books as ignorant and unlearned, brought him on the carpet for trial many times, warned him to never go against their tradition any more, even censored him, whipped him, and locked him up in prisons.

Although Peter was ridiculed, persecuted, and mistreated, the power of God anointed him for service, to deliver others, common people could see that God was still with him, using him, people filled the streets full of sick people on cots and beds, people had confidence that if people came near them they would be healed, signs that followed proved that God had forgiven him of everything .

As Peter walked down the street under the power of God the power of God was present to heal the people, it was impossible to line all the people up for prayer, the people could not all be given cards and numbers, they minister could not promise each an individual prayer , there was not time for each one to explain his pains to Peter, the people could not tell Peter the doctor had told them, they could not tell what the devil said, or what the deacon said.

They believed that ALL of them would be healed as it was impossible for Peter to lay hands on each of them, the beds and couches were brought out into the streets, they were brought into the streets and laid in Peter's shadow, the devils saw what was taking place and came out of the people, they were brought where the power of God was present to heal.

We are now in a great revival campaign in South Africa God gave me several visions and told me to come here; we see the power of God demonstrated in a great way, people are coming from many distant countries and cities, multitudes are being brought from the surrounding towns, many devil possessed people are being brought to these meetings.

The members called me on the carpet two or three times; they could not understand how God could reveal people's troubles, had never seen so many people healed without a healing line, had been used to hands being laid on each individual, lined them up in their church and laid hands on them; wondered how I knew when they were delivered from sickness; acknowledged that it worked, but thought some people would be disappointed.

I told them God had revealed to me to pray for the people in mass. God could heal a thousand as easily as he could heal one, people would think races would be discriminated against any other way, we could never get to them all one by one, most of the people in New Testament times were healed at a word; God would send His Word and heal the people; people would be disappointed if they expected me to heal them.

We had about thirteen thousand people in the afternoon services; about three thousand people confessed Christ at one mass prayer, we could NOT pray for each sinner to be saved individually, about twenty-five hundred said they were healed in about two minutes, "there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few" (I Sam. 14:6).

We did NOT have time in one service to have them all testify there was no prayer line, healing cards, or numbers, people could walk without their crutches or canes, a woman who could not stand for years could walk perfectly, a totally blind man saw for the first time in fifteen years, a totally blind woman showed how she could read the Bible, about seventy-four deaf people and forty-seven blind were healed, stiff joints were made perfect; growths disappeared instantly.

All this took place instantly during one prayer; without healing cards, numbers, or positions in line; laying on of hands or individual prayers, traditions, creeds, forms, rituals, methods, time for a prayer line in order to please certain ones, time to let but part of the people testify to healing.

They would NOT have received their healing if each of them had waited for a card, a number, or an individual prayer ; each of them had to wait until their turn came in line, they had waited until I laid hands on each one ; they had believed they must all come to the Lord one by one, they had lined up like people do at a chain store sale.

Without contact with the Healer, you can't be healed, even if you do get into a healing line and obtain a card, hands are laid on you a dozen times each day, your number on your card is called every night, you pin your confidence in a man who prays for the sick, you come for hundreds of miles and have only one night to stay.

Some carnal people take it for granted that being baptized in water will save their souls, joining a church will carry them to heaven some day, mere laying on of hands will impart the Holy Spirit unto them (Acts 8), being anointed with oil by a preacher will heal them, getting into the front of a healing line will bring them a miracle.

None of these things will heal or deliver you if you don't seek the Healer instead of your healing; seek the Baptizer instead of the baptism; seek the giver instead of the gifts, seek with your heart and soul as well as your mind, have faith in the Great Physician as well as in the preacher.

When the power of God is present to heal open your inner ear to faith; close your outer ear to criticism, close your natural eyes; open your heart toward Jesus, open your'mouth, glorify God with your body and spirit, be ready to do whatever you are asked to do, obey God's Spirit; let the Spirit search your soul, be willing to make things right with God and man.

Try to contact the Spirit of God and remember that people who have gone through lines for years are still not healed, many people are healed without a line a card, or a number , faith works through your soul and not through your mind, you can see better with your eyes shut, God has promised to let you bind your own disease (Matt. 18:18).

People are prone to worship idols, people, tradition, places; God does not want people to worship Moses' rod instead of Him; He does NOT want us to get our eyes on the clay, oil, figs, or Jordan, He does NOT want us to put our faith in the pool, handkerchiefs, or aprons, we must not depend on healing lines, healing cards, or laying on of hands, the Lord is bigger than a method, minister, ceremony or system.

God gave me dreams saying NOT to lay hands on people in this campaign. He said if I would not lay hands on them He would heal them. He said let the people criticize; that they would criticize anyway, many blind, deaf, lame, afflicted and diseased were healed; many deaf-mutes were made perfectly whole instantly, God proved Himself larger than one line or one man.

Then we saw later the advantage of it being done in that way, the natives had been thinking the whites were treated better, the whites thought I had taken up too much time with the natives, the Hindus had thought that I had the power to heal, the pastors saw that God was larger than one church, or method, the preachers acknowledged that God had led me what to do.

The Hindus decided that Jesus was in the audience, that He was alive working among men today, they came forward and "confessed Jesus" by the hundreds, we had no more trouble or race prejudice, each person in the audience had an equal chance, that was the only material way that it could be found, the people saw that there was power in agreement (Matt 18:19).

People did NOT pray long prayers for deliverance in Bible times, Jesus told the devils in a man to "Go", Peter spoke to a dead girl and she lived, Jesus spoke to a fig tree and it died, Paul spoke to a crippled man and he walked, Jesus said to a blind man, "Go wash", Jesus spoke to some deaf ears, "Be opened", Paul spoke to a devil in a girl, "Come out".

There is power in agreement today if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything it shall be done, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven, you are on earth and I am on earth, we are not in heaven yet, it is here, and not in heaven, that the devil needs to be bound.

I take authority over all demons and infirmities that have you bound now! Agree with me and they are coming out right now, in Jesus' name! Amen.

(Read John 4:46-54)

This is the way the nobleman thought his son would be healed, Jesus will travel the fifteen miles down to Capernaum, He will come into my house and lay His hands on my son, He will pray for my son until He receives the answer from God, my request will be put o on the long list the minister has, Jesus will get to my son according to His busy schedule, He must let the people come in order, according to application; I will give an offering to the minister to pay for the thirty miles travel, It will take him a day to go and a day to return.

By the supernatural word of knowledge Jesus knew the Nobleman was expecting something spectacular to prove to his neighbors He had power; expecting Jesus to lay his hands on the boy and heal him before a crowd, looking for it no other way except through a certain form or method, not expecting a miracle to be wrought at a distance; not prepared to receive the miracle any other way.

The reason people today miss their miracle is they have the way figured out in advance how God must work, are expecting to wait until their turn comes to be prayed for, want the minister to call their number and pray an individual prayer, expect to be anointed with oil and prayed for, just had to first instruct the Nobleman, because he had it fixed in his mind just how the miracle should happen, did not realize that the Lord knows HOW to give us good gifts; failed to realize that it is for us to believe, needed to learn that it for God to say HOW it will take place, was bound by tradition and form as many people today.

After Jesus instructed the Nobleman and prepared him to receive, his son was healed instantly the same time Jesus spoke the word, it was not as hard as the Nobleman had it figured out to be, Jesus said, "Go thy way thy son liveth", the man's tradition, theology, customs, and forms were broken down; the nobleman learned that there is no distance with the Lord.

The ministers in Africa had a certain way to pray for sick they formed a line and laid hands on the sick people, they seemed to think the people could be healed no other way, it had become an ordinance, ritual, ceremony, and a form, they were very reserved and exacting in their methods; they did not want their forms and rituals broken down.

After they decided to agree with me letting me be led by the Spirit, I prayed for the people in the mass, the Lord began to heal at a distance, without a line, they saw that hundreds of people could be healed at a word, the blind, deaf, mute, afflicted and diseased were healed without a card, we had not time for a prayer line; only a testimony line.

Don't have it fixed in your mind how it will take place; remember you must become ready for it to happen God's way, God's thoughts are above your thoughts; His ways better than yours, be prepared for Jesus to break down tradition as he did in Bible times, that Jesus is a breaker of tradition, rules, customs, and man's ways, you must seek to be led by the Sprit of God.

Becoming acquainted with the Spirit of GOD, you will know Jesus is bigger than anyone healing line or custom, you can be healed in the audience without a card or healing line; He is with you right now where you are before the line is formed, you can be healed while the Word of God is being spoken, He is by your side speaking to you; hear Him ; obey Him! the fever can leave as Jesus speaks the word, as you hear his voice.

You can hear His voice and go your way if, you will get your spiritual ear in tune to hear Him, believe the Word that He speaks to you now, open your heart and soul to Him at this moment, know that faith works through your soul and not your mind, take the short cut and go straight to Jesus at this moment.

When the Nobleman met his servants they started to tell him, but in his heart he already knew it was done; it was NOT news to him, but he believed what Jesus had spoken, he really told them instead of them telling him, he KNEW it was the same hour that Jesus spoke the word, the servants did not know why the fever left, but the father did, he had a personal experience with Jesus, believed and saw results.

There is NO distance with God; He is everywhere He is where you are at this moment, your son can also be raised from a death bed, you can be healed at a distance if you will believe His Word, whatsoever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, don't limit God by believing that you must get in line, if you hear His voice you are at the front of the line now! If any two on earth shall agree on anything it shall be done.

I was in Maine in a revival when a lady from Hot Springs phoned me her husband was dying with heart trouble unsaved, she believed that God would heal him at a distance without me being there, without a healing line, healing card, or laying on of hands, Jesus honored her faith, saved her husband, and made him well, at a distance we bound the heart trouble and loosed the man, right now, in Jesus Name, agree with me, your affiiction shall be bound, you are loosed. Get up and go your way. Believe and you are made whole!

(Read Mark 5:21-43; Matt. 18:26; Luke 8:41-56)

This was a certain woman; we don't know whether she was a small woman or a large woman, was a Gentile or a Jewish woman, had a good reputation or a bad one, was a well known lady or a rank stranger, traveled a short distance or a long way. From all the accounts written in the Bible we do know that she was a "little Mrs. no-body", was incurable with ah issue of blood, had spent all her money on physicians, was sent home, helpless, poor, broke, down and out, was pronounced incurable and expected to die, had that one affliction for twelve years, was growing worse day by day.

She had heard about the miracles of Jesus. She knew faith comes by hearing the Word of God, had a heart that was in tune with spiritual things, could hear His voice with her spiritual ear , evidently was not critical or prejudiced, knew that God was her only source of help. Someone witnessed to her - A willing worker which may have been only some young convert, did not know that he was causing another chapter to be written, caused millions of others to press through to Jesus for healing, caused this woman to live and be healed of her plague; made known the work of God among the people.

This lady probably would NOT have been healed had she depended entirely on a healing line, a card or a number , been like the ordinary person who attends healing meetings; put all the responsibility on the minister alone, been carnally minded, out of touch with the Spirit.

The Spirit of God was saying to the afflicted lady, you don't need to even get in line to be healed, you can hear his voice for yourself, where you are, you can receive the answer in your soul right now, don't wait until man tells you it is time to be healed, your turn is now; just touch the corner of His robe, the healing virtue is all around you at this time, you have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness, you have been called to glory and virtue.

As she felt the Spirit of God in her soul she decided I don't have to be bound by man-made forms, tradition, or methods, the laying on of hands may become a ceremony that can mislead us, God can even heal me without a healing line, a card or number, I don't even need to wait until after the sermon to be healed, I can feel it in my soul now; He is near me, that must be faith, I will obey that feeling I now have.

No doubt all her neighbors misunderstood her and thought that she was crazy by going that distance to a healing meeting she was not able to be brought where such crowds were gathered, her folks were going crazy also because they brought her , she would die on the way to the healing meeting that day, she would return home and let everyone make fun of her .

She had determination to get to Jesus. No doubt she said I'm going to die anyway. I might as well die trying to get to Jesus, I'm not going to wait for a card, a number, a line, or a prayer, there are too many people ahead of me. I can't wait until my turn comes, I don't have enough money to stay here for one week, I believe that I can be healed right now, as I press through.

She did NOT grow critical, get mad or go home; she did NOT blame the evangelist, for he was doing his best; saw that the Minister could not get to all the multitude individually; knew that he was tried and worn out trying to help so many people; saw that He was being criticized and misunderstood by many, realized that the Minister's strength could only go so far each day; felt within herself that she could take the "short cut" to victory, believed that she could wire around all circuits and go to the main switch.

It is possible that as she suffered many things of the physicians she at one time was wealthy and spent all her money, took shock treatments until she suffered untold misery, tried to have the trouble burned out many times, took dope so regular that she almost became addicted, the remedy was worse than the affliction she suffered.

Since she could walk, the workers could have told her that she must wait until her turn came to be prayed for, must keep her place in the healing line, had to take orders from the ushers and keep her distance, Jesus' workers do that way today in many meetings.

As she heard His voice and felt His Spirit she had an urge to press her way into the Kingdom and take it by force, ask, knock, seek, and expect the door to be opened unto her, press past the hypocrite, Pharisee, and them who did not want her to see; push past the doctors, lawyers, critics and carnal people, humble herself and stoop way down toward the ground, ignore Peter, Judas, the ushers, and all the workers. Jesus and the woman both believed in feeling, He felt that virtue had gone out of His body, she felt within her body that she was healed of the plague, she had an inward feeling that she would be made whole, she felt that she would be healed without laying on of hands, she whould know when the trouble was gone; she knew when it was there.

Jesus wanted the individual to speak up. He knew that it would help her faith if she witnessed to the miracle, by the mouth confession is made to salvation, salvation includes both soul and body, He came not only to save our souls, but to save our lives, her testimony would help others, and help her retain her victory, healing meetings in public is the correct way, no one should try to steal their healing and "slip" home with it, we should not be ashamed to confess Him before men, so He searched for the individual as He did the nine lepers.

The crowd had never seen it like that; they could not understand why the minister would break tradition, how he knew that someone in the audience was healed, why He did not know at that time who it was, how the minister could be SO unorthodox, why they could not see, feel, or hear anything.

At one time the woman was a Mrs. Nobody, but now she has become "somebody", for He said, "Somebody touched me", felt the divine nature of Jesus, glory and virtue, come from the unknown to the known since she met the Master, became a "daughter" ; somebody going somewhere, became a witness, a well known woman to carry the message to others.

It was her faith that saved her life; it was not a healing line, laying on of hands, just believing that she had it with her mind, the doctor, an operation, a hospital, pills, or patent medicine olive oil, or a pat on the head, or a "God bless you sister", wearing the disease out and gradually getting well.

GOD's answer went through this woman. She knew it was real, She heard Him, felt Him, and knew Him for herself, did NOT depend altogether on another person's prayer, had a personal contact with the Healer who is Jesus, blazed out a road that you and I may follow, knew that Jesus could NOT have respect to persons and still be Jesus.

He is passing this way. You can contact Him now if you believe He is with you always! He is by your side now! He is seeking you now; He loves you as a mother loves her child, you can receive His divine nature and virtue now! If you press past the doubts, despondency, opposition and public opinion, go beyond tradition, creeds, methods, and forms, close your natural eyes. Open your spiritual ears and hear Him say, "I am with you always", feel His touch; as many as He touches are MADE WHOLE!
--Written by W.V. Grant