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Will of Frederick Shingle 1810-1887
(Parents, Philip Shenkel 1768-1847 & Susan Moritz Murray 1773-1849)
Probate Court, Ross County Ohio
30th June 1887
Will recorded

I, Frederick Shingle of Paint Township, Ross County Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament as follows:

1st I direct that out of the property, personnel or real, as my Executor shall deem best, all my just debts and Funeral expenses shall be paid as speedily as possible.

2nd I give and bequeath to my wife, should she survive me, the dwelling house where we now reside and fifty (50) acres of land around it, in the north east corner of my home Jarui(?) So be hers for her use and support during her natural life, and of personal property, I desire and direct that she shall have whatever the law would allow her, if I had made no will.

3rd Whatever of personal property may remain after the foregoing provision shall have been complied with, shall be sold, as my executor shall deem best, and the residue after paying expenses divided equally among my children.

4th The remainder of my real estate, including Eighty Eight (88) acres more or less, in Pike County Ohio, I direct shall be sold by my Executor, in such manner as he shall deem best, hereby empowering and authorizing him to execute good and sufficient deed or deeds to the purchaser for the +++++ , and after paying expenses, he shall divide the residue, so as to give to my children, Sarah Wheaton, Emily Strain, Jessie, Madison, Lewis, John, Alfred, and Aaron equal shares, and to Philip, One Hundred dollars less than them, and to Martin one hundred and twenty five dollars less than those who share equally.

5th At the death of my wife, it is my will that the fifty acres I have given her as a life estate, shall go to all my children equally, share and share alike.

6th I hereby nominate and appoint H. L. Dickey my executor, with full power to carry out each and all of the provisions of this my last will.

Frederick Shingle

+ + + + + +

6 Jan 1888 Mary Shingle contested the will in front of Charles Squires, Justice of the Peace

+ + + +

Note: as of the will
David is deceased,
Lydia Ann is not mentioned, probably deceased.
Madison Shingle is at Latham P.O. Pike Co OH
Martin Shingle is at Washington C.H., OH
Aaron Shingle is at Good Hope, Fayette Co, OH
Sarah (Wheaton) Parshall, Greenfield OH
Emily Strain is at Greenfield
John, Philip and Jesse signed their names,
While ALF and Lewis made marks (x)
+ + + +

17th day of September, 1888
Court of Common Pleas?, Ross County Ohio
vol 104 pg 279

For the sum of $1500.00 paid by G. B. Anshutz of Greenfield for 124 acres being the residence of the farm of the late Frederick Shingle after setting off to his widow Jamaeca Shingle a life estate of 30? acres ,

H L Dickey, Executor

+ + + +

18 March 1896 case # 10548--- Estate for Jamacia ;;
to come from Carol Sandoval.

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