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Heinrich Schenkel
     parents Phillip Michael Shenkel 1683 - 1721 
          & Maria Catherina Franck 1685
    (grandparents Batheolomeus Schenckel 1645 & Anna Appolina Beckinger 1646)

Henry Shengle Will
proven 11th May 1785
Record Book Page 339 No 3701

In the Name of God Amen. I, Henry Shengle of Coventry in the county of Chester and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, Being weak of Body, of Sound mind and memory~~Thanks be Given to God for the same and calling to mind the mortality of my body, knowing that it is Apointed for all Men to die, Do this Eleventh Day of March in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Four Make and Ordain this my Last will and Testament in the following manner and form.

And first of all I recommend my soul into the hand of God that gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in or this tion manner at the discretion of My Executors Herin after named Imprimes it is my will and I do Order all my just debts and funeral Charges and expenses to be paid as soon as possible can be done after my decease.

Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary Shengle one bed; bedsted and all the furniture thereunto belonging going without said bed or the furniture thereunto belonging being appraised to her being the same that we have lived together on like I give and devise to my said wife one cow and one hog out of my stock of her own choosing. Likewise one chest with all the goods and linen in it which she brought with her when we was married, Together with all the pewter She brought with her at that same time. I also give and devise to her the two iron potts and frying pan the which she likewise brought with her. I likewise give to her one iron kettle and one washing tub and one foot spinning wheel all the above goods and chattels to be delivered to her without appraisement to be held of her and her heirs and assigns forever~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Item I allso give and devise to her my said wife a little piece of Meadow lying north from the road Leading from French creek road toward John Smith and Christian Beiry Lands and the two acres of corn land Joining said meadow to be measured off from that part of the field next to Conrad Snydres Land and Join to the road a foresaid and likewise I do Order and it is my will that my estate shall build a little house thereon for her use, the logs to be cut twenty feet long and eighteen feet wide, one story high with a stone chimney and floor fitting for her to live in and likewise rails and stakes for fencing the said meadow and corn land separate each by it self. Likewise to have firewood from such part of my land during her time of living at the said house out of the of all wood but not cut any that lot for rails. The xxx said wife being at the cost of cutting and haleing the same to her house. Also I do order a small stable be built for her twelve feet square to be covered with straw and to be raised to high as will be sufficient to hold hay enough at one time to winter her cow; The above said meadow corn land house stable and fences and firewood priviledge, She my said wife Mary shall have and hold and enjoy peaceable and unmolested during her natural life if she continue my widow; but if she shall marry again sooner or later then she shall deliver up th above described lands and premises to such person or persons as I shall herein after direct and apoint. I likewise give and devise to my said wife Mary the further sum of seventy pounds, current hard money of this State to be paid to be paid to her in manner following that is to lay in one year after my decease which is her paid to her my said wife, together with the foregoing gifts and bequeaths shall be her full dower of and out of my estate and upon receiving the same, She my said wife shall give a general release and discharge to my executor and my children. Touching and Concerning My Lands tenements Goods and Chattels forever, to be held of her and her heirs and assigns forever.

Item It is my will and I do order all my land and tennements, together with all my Irivocable Estate whatsoever except such effects as I have devised to my wife Mary in the foregoing part of this my will together with the right to the above Described lotts of corn land and meadow devised to my said wife during her widow hood shall be sold to the best advantage either by Vendue or otherwise as my Executor and my children as shall be of full age shall agree and think best. And before my Lands and Tennements Shall be sold, I do order my second son named George Shengle to have the place hand, to raise also a winter crop of Wheat and Rie for him self Together with Hay and Orchard, Under the following restrictions, That is to say to pay all taxes to keep the plantation in good repair and to give his step-motrher three bushels wheat and seven bushels of rie, Every crop after my decease yearly and then to be sold as afore said, George not sowing more each year then what we yearly did sow on said places. And the goods and chattle to land and tenements being sold all the money raising therefrom together with all monies in the house and all my outstanding debits collected together shall be devided amongst my children here after named in the following manner

Item First my eldest son Jacob Shengle shall have four pounds out of the whole sum before any Division of the sum is made and my son Martin Shengle and my daughter Phebe Shengle the two children which I had by my present wife, I give and devise to them the sum of thirty five pounds each tyo be paid to them when they and each of them comes to their several age to witt the son to the age of twenty one years and the daughter to the age of eighteen years to be held of them and their heirs and asigns forever

Item I give and devise to my other children to witt my sons and daughters hereafter named Catherine the wife of Peter Dompman, Jacob Shengle George Shengle Barbara Shengle Henry Shengle Philip Shengle and Elizabeth Shengle children of my former wife all the residue of the money aforesaid after my wifes dower and her two children aforesaid portions is deducted to be equally divided between the seven children then share and share alike allowing Jacob my eldest son the four pound aforesaid, The younger children both sons and daughters not to have Their shares or portions before the comes to their ages aforesaid twenty one and eighteen and I do order my executor to put such money to interest if he can do it with safety and not otherwise. And I do Hereby nominate ordain and Appoint my friend John Smith Executor in part to this my last will and testament and my well beloved wife Mary Shingle my executrix, To see the same performed fulfilled and kept according to the true intent and meaning thereof that is to say the said John Smith to make the sale of my lands and moveables , and pay debts, and Legacies and my said wife Executrix and Guardian to her own two children.

And I do hereby revoke Disannull, Disallow & make void all other wills, bequeaths and Legacies whatsoever by one heretofore made whether by words or writing allowing this and no other to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have here unto sett my hand and seal the day and the year above

Signed sealed published pronounced and delivered by the said Henry Shengle the Testator in the presence of us the subscribers, witnesses present and the signing and sealing thereof the day and year above said.
Jacob Light
Jacob Switzer
Joseph Millard


(signed his hand) Heinrich Schenckel


proven 14 May

East Calm May 14th 1785

Then personally appeared Jacob Light & Jacob Switzer and on their solemn affirmation according to law did severally declare, affirm and say that they werepresent and did see and hear Henry Shengle the testator above named sign seal publish pronounce and declare the foregoing writing as and for his last Will & Testament~ And that at the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind and memory to the best of their understandings

Affirmed before Jos Beaton

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