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Coming is summer 2009

Cob Building Workshop
We're seeking hardworking, visionary people of all kinds to join us in creating our ecovillage dream—including (but not limited to) entrepreneurs, organic growers and raisers of livestock, people with mechanical and engineering skills, healers, artists, and families with children.

We only have 20 acres so space is limited!
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Although the community described below is my concept, it will be a group decision as to what ideas the community will end up using.
Wanderers End is forming as a self-sustaining community. It would be a community of professionals and like-minded individuals, all working together to build a safe, friendly living space. Our goal is to build a community that can not only survive but actually thrive through the coming oil shortages and the economic collapse that it will cause. We will combine the best technologies with a healthy rural lifestyle.
Every day our cities and towns are becoming more violent and unsafe. People are often rude or even hostile to everyone they meet. Parents must worry every time their children step out of the house. Of course, with the threat of home invasions, they aren't much safer at home. Can you depend on your neighbors to come to your aid in an emergency? Probably not. They might even watch while your car is being stolen or your house burns to the ground and not say anything.
Major cities are at the top of a terrorists hit list due to the possibility of causing mass casualties. A biological or chemical attack would overwhelm the medical facilities in any urban area. Cities and urban areas are so heavily dependent on foreign oil that even a minor disruption in the oil supply could cause an economic collapse. An oil shortage would cause a food shortage within days. In the event of a major disaster, a city is the last place you should want to be living.
What about your job? Are you struggling just to pay your bills while your companies executives live in obscene luxury? Are you worried that after a lifetime of commitment, your company might declare bankruptcy and rob you of your pension? Do you really enjoy that two-hour commute or would you rather spend that time with your family? Is your life so filled with stress that your medicine cabinet is filled with medications for high blood pressure, ulcers or other stress related illnesses?
If you are crying out for a change in your life then maybe we can make that change together. It will take hard work, determination, and some creative thinking but the rewards will definitely be worth the effort.
Wanderers End is being carefully planned to provide its members a safe healthy and most enjoyable community. It is our hope that you will soon feel like every member of the community is a member of your family. The community will be comprised of hard working people of the highest moral character.
The projected maximum population will be approximately 8-20 members.
Race or financial status will NOT be used to determine community membership. Although this is not a religious based community, Pagan customs (i.e. Earth Based) are seen.

A wide variety of produce, livestock and fish will be raised to feed the community. Along withour homemade goodies, canned goods, dairy products, wines, cheeses and crafts. We could have a community store just for us too.
Adult Members: 2
Child Members: 1 (And a half)
Non-member Residents: 2
Open to new adults: Yes
Open to new children: Yes
Gender Balance: 50% M 50% F
Open to which gender(s): All genders welcome
Ethnic Diversity: 0% identify as 'people of color' Age Focus: No Focus
Age Restrictions: No Government
Decision Making: By consensus
Identified Leader: No
Leadership Core Group: No(we will havea population of 20 at the most)
Labor and Money
Financial Style: Members have independent finances
Open to Members with Pre-existing Debt: Yes
Labor Contribution: Expected
Join Fee: Yes(Pay your share of the lease)
Regular Fees: Yes($300 down and $150 a month for 2 acre lot)
Land and Buildings-NONE YET
Area: 20 acres (8.1 hectares)
Land Owned By: An absentee landlord
Cohousing: No
Food, etc.Percentage of Food Grown: over 50% Share Community Meals: 1-3 times/month
Dietary Choice or Restrictions: Diet is up to each individual
Dietary Practice: Omnivorous
Alcohol Use: Used occasionally
Tobacco Use: Used Often 
Social Factors
Open to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender members: Yes(we aren't judgemental)
Restrictions on Romantic Relationships (between consenting adults): No
Shared Spiritual Path: Yes(So far we have Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Earth loving)
Which Spiritual Path(s): Paganism/Earth Religions
Educational Style(s): Home schooling (choice is up to individual family- but my daughter has been called a prodigy since I 'm homeschooling her. I wouldn't mind teaching others too)
The land is less than 5 minutes from Tulsa, in Osage county, no building restrictions, Natural water resources. The land is layed in gently rolling hills of pasture and mature forests. Not rich? Bad credit??? This property is leased to members in 2 acre lots for $300 down and $150 a month! With no credit check. You can set up with us as camping to start out, put in a mobile home or build a house. (on your leased 2 acres) We know it takes time to get started. We will need to work together to clear this raw land, put in a well and some form of power the cost shall be divided..Not all of the lots have roads to them yet, so that would make them unavailable until they do. I plan to have a small goat, rabbit and chicken farm, a herb and vegetable garden, peace and quite, safe play areas for my children. And most of all, good neighbors.

I sincerely hope that you are as excited to see this project get started as I am. Without funding however, this project will be just a dream. If you are able to sponsor this project or if you would like to be considered for membership or have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me at
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