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~ NEWS ~

Hey everyone! Well, only 6 weeks left of school, can't wait for summer! Boogie board all day, party all night. Anyway, I updated the PHUHS website. It has a new message board (boring but functional) which needs some attention, so go check it out.
Other than that, not much going on.
If you've been here before and you haven't seen the About Us page yet, please go check it out. Hopefully it'll make ya laugh a lil.
As always, if you want to add anything to this website, such as an urban legend, a bio of your favorite musician, an awesome link, whatever,
EMAIL ME or send it through one of the forms throughout the site.
Oh yeah, not that anybody cares besides me (because i'm a movie freak), but here are some cool movies that are coming out!

Anger Management - apr. 11
Bullet Proof Monk - apr. 18
Malibu's Most Wanted - apr. 18
Confidence - apr. 25
Identity - apr. 25
X-Men 2 - may 2
Daddy Day Care - may 9
Buffalo Soldiers - may 9
The Matrix: Reloaded - may 15
Down with Love - may 16
Bruce Almighty - may 23


We wanna say thank you to, which has provided us with many of our graphics, like the links above ;)
WaNg cHuNg, MaN!
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April 10, 2003
God Bless America
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