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Hello we are Dale and Joyce we would like nothing better then to adopt
a newborn baby. We would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for taking
the time to learn more about us. If you have any questions that you like
answered please feel free to email us.

Dear Birthmother,

We can only imagine the difficult decision that you have before you today
and truly admire the courage that it takes to choose adoption for your child.
It's hard to imagine that the decision you make will also be the answer to a
couple's hopes and prayers of having a family. Two people who have always
wanted a child and are unable to give birth to one and have chosen to
create their family through adoption. We are that couple.
We hope that you will be able to get to know a little bit about us
and realize how much we would like to have
the opportunity to share our love with a child.

We are Joyce and Dale. We met seventeen years ago and knew almost
from the start that we were meant to share our lives together.
We were engaged six months after we met and have been happily
married for sixteen years. Eight Years after we were married,
we learned that we would not be able to have a family by birth.
Knowing that we have so much to share with a child,
we have decided to create our family through adoption.

Joyce about Dale:

The first thing that impressed me about Dale was what a loving
and decent person he was. I realized that we both shared
the same values and beliefs. Even before we were married,
we spoke of what it would be like to have children some day.
Dale is great with kids - he is very patient and kids gravitate toward him
. Watching Dale play baseball with our nieces and nephews,
teaching our niece and nephew how to use our computer,
and comforting our nieces and nephews when they were
moving makes me realize what a great father he will be.

Dale did a lot of work on the house himself; after he got the
house almost done he mentioned how he would like to start
his own business as a handyman. He enjoyed working on the house,
he did so much work that it just amazed me He did the gutting the
of the house, putting in new wiring, new walls, new insulations, new plumbing,
new bathroom and kitchen. Dale put his heart into making this a house and we
have made it a "LOVING, SAFE, SECURE, HAPPY HOME".

So Dale started his own business as a Handyman, and he also works
for the Housing Authority of this town His jobs are perfect for
him since he loves helping people. He's always there to lend a hand
when someone needs him
helping a neighbor with some yard work,
giving his mother or my parents a hand around the house when
they need him, or volunteering to baby sit when he knows
some of our family or friends could use a night out.

Dale loves the Nebraska Cornhuskers, he is doing his
basement all in Nebraska Cornhusker stuff.
He collects husker helmets, from the authentic size to the pocket pro's.
He also collects football helmets from other college teams,
and pro teams. If he can he goes to the Nebraska Cornhusker's games.
Other things that he collects are coins, baseball cards,
football cards, stamps and loves to put puzzles together.
For fun Dale will play on the Sega, Nintendo, and Computer.
He loves it when our niece and nephews are here so
he has someone to play against.

Dale about Joyce:

When I first met Joyce I knew that she was the right girl for me
I was attracted to her because of her outgoing personality and
because I felt comfortable talking with her about anything and
everything. Joyce encouraged me to believe in myself and
have the confidence to go out and get a better job for the future.

I know that Joyce will make a good mother
I have seen the way she is around children, not only our nieces and nephews
but around the individual's she works with.
Joyce works with Developementally Disabled Invidual's
she has worked there for fourteen years.
Her co-workers can see the individual's face light up
when Joyce interacts with them.
She is just a very loving, caring, fun,
out going lady.
She has a natural ability to handle all kinds of situations
that a parent may face. Joyce's great sense of humor
and ability to share it with others will bring joy and
laughter to our family. She also likes to go to parks,
water parks amusement parks, have water fights,
play volleyball and just have fun with all the kids and
adults she meets. But most of all she is a huge Garth Brookes fan,
she goes to his concerts when he is in Nebraska.
She is a very loving person and, like me, is just waiting
to share her love with a child.

Joyce works with Developmentally Disabled Individual's
she is in charge of their entire medical needs.
She has been working there now for fourteen years.
They just love her, she will stand
up for what is right and what is wrong for them. A lot of them
are non-verbal and unable to walk or care for themselves.
She has always said that this job will prepare her for being a mom.
Her job is very flexible, when we were doing infertility treatments
they would let her go whenever we needed, they do the same
when you have children, it is a very family oriented business.

Our families are a major part of our lives.
Dale is the youngest of three, he has two older sisters,
his oldest sister is divorced and has two girls

His other sister is married and has two children.
They live twenty-two miles from us
His mother lives in the same town we do only
about five blocks away from us, his father passed
away several years ago when Dale was 7 years old.
He also has a large extended family,
which includes grandmother, many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Joyce is the youngest girl out of six kids.
Her oldest brother is married and has two kids,
Older sister is divorced and remarried and has two children,
her older brother is single, her older sister is
married and has three girls,
Then there is Joyce, and then she has a younger brother
who is divorced and has four kids.
She also has a large
extended family, which includes many aunts, uncles and
cousins. Whether it is a festive holiday dinner. We
get together often and really enjoy each other's company.
Everyone in the family is looking forward to welcoming
another new baby into the family.

Our neighborhood has lots of kids in it and there is a
baseball field across the street from us.
We own a large two story house with three bedrooms,
lots of room for a child or children to grow in.
The house is located on eight acres of property
with lots of room to play. We have totally renovated the
entire house, we have added a two car stall garage, a new deck,
on the front and the back of the house
everything inside is new; walls, kitchen, bathroom,
insulation, carpet, new roof, siding, and windows
As we were doing the remodeling we kept a child
in mind and made sure it was big enough for a
child to play and make lots noise as they do.

As we talked about adoption we talked about what type of adoption
would be the most comfortable type for everyone.
This was a hard topic for us, as we know that when we adopt a baby
that not only would we be adopting a baby,
but also we would be adopting that baby's birth family.
So we tried to keep everyone in mind. We at first thought we would
want a closed adoption, then as talked with other people
who have either been adopted, who have adopted, or placed
a baby for adoption. A lot of them really liked the open adoption.
We thought ok that would be great for the baby/child as he or she is
growing up.Both the child and yourself would be able to know about each other.
Then we talked about the "what if" like what if the birth family
wanted a closed adoption, would we want that? Or what if they
wanted a semi-open adoption, or what if they want a
complete open adoption. We decided we would do any
kind of adoption that was comfortable for all of us.

We enjoy spending time both with our friends and also just
the two of us. Our Hobbies include: Together, fishing, camping,
playing on the computer, going for long drives, going away on the
weekends, spending a lot of time together and playing with our dogs
We also like to out to a movie and dinner, Visiting people.

We have been blessed with many things in our lives -
We have a wonderful marriage, great friends and terrific families.
We are waiting for the day when we can share what we have with a child
To take them to their first Nebraska Cornhusker football game,
to take them into the city at Christmas time to see the
decorations and lights on all the houses and trees, to have them enjoy
our family get together's and to pass on the love that we have for them -
this is what we hope and pray for.
So please if you would like to learn more about us, feel free to email us.

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