"Flesh for fantasy"

Orchard Towers has to be one of the most interesting places I have been to in Singapore. Most of us have heard the stories about the girls that can found this is mall at the beginning of the well known Orchard Road. While not everyone has had or wanted the pleasure to experience that can be found in the four floors of these shopping mall, I知 sure many have heard of it. Many a sailor, vacationer or local Singaporean (yes they go there too) have visited one if not all of the clubs there. While Singapore does what it can to keep it's "morally clean" image at the same time it has faced the facts that anytime you have tourism that brings in people from all over the world, one of the business shipping port in the region bringing a lot of single guys coming into the country and prostitution is going to happen anyway, you should control it. Singapore has "Legal Red Light Districts" areas which many visitors don't know about and Orchard Towers seams to be one of them, all though not formally listed as the other four are. By doing this it protects the local girls from the hordes of the sailors of U.S. 7th fleet and any other men on the prowl in the city for ladies to spend their money on. So you have Orchard Towers on the mile long expensive shopping road and I couldn't think of a better place to have it either.

   During the day time you'll find Orchard Towers like any of  the other malls on the mile long road. You'll find your tailors shops and the electronic shops and a few places to eat and get a message if you are feeling tired. But you値l also see that all clubs that take up well over half the mall that are closed up until around 5 pm when many start to open. Most of the shops in Orchard Towers will start to close up about 7 or 7:30 to avoid the rush of guys and girls that will soon occupy the malls clubs and surrounding areas. The girls that work in the mall really hate it when guys try to pick them up thinking they are a hooker. But most of the time, if not all the time, you can tell the difference between them  and should always leave the "non-working" girls alone to keep the peace.

    If you should find yourself in a club when it first opens chances are you may be the only one in there until 8 pm when some of the local guys may start to drift in with a girl sticking her head in to see what, if anything is happening. So while you sit there you can check out the happy hour prices, beer for S$5 for a mug and pitchers for S$20 which is a great way to get primed up for when the girls start to pour in. Most of the clubs have happy hours until 8 or 9pm but it is always best to ask just to make sure because the price can jump way up after the happy hour ends.

   Scout out the clubs and the set ups in them before you settle down in one just so you can see the different layout before they get crowded. If you are in a club that has a stage this is a great place to have a seat because some of the clubs will have girls dancing in them either as a worker, bikini dancer or surely the other girls will be dancing with their girl friends. You値l see some really great moves on the dance floors by the girls that visit the clubs to attract your attention and get things started.

   Once you found your club have a beer and talk to the workers or that other guy that is there waiting just like you. They will fill you in on the clubs and what is new that you might want to watch out for. (This is not a rule but it always helps to ask, best to ask one of the other  guys that are waiting for the real scoop) Every now and then you will come across a few Lady-boys (He-she) hanging out in the clubs so if that is what you are into you値l find it there to. If you head to or from the Towers around 11pm and after as you walk pass the Thai embassy you値l see them sitting on the steps or just hanging out next to mall before Orchard Towers.

For many of the sailors that met some of girls in the towers little did they know is that some had left with one of the many He-she's who flocked to the towers to get pickup by the unknowing "new kid in town". These poor guys, many who have never been overseas before, see these great looking, tall Asian girls with firm 36C breast and take them out for the night. Well fellows let me tell you something Asian girls for the most part,  but not always, don't come that big up top normally nor are they as tall as you (5'8-6'). So next time you are in some Asian country picking up girls for a good time, check the package before you pay for your prize, you may have gotten much more that you wanted. (This was very obvious when the last battle group was in during Sept 02) Oh yeah one more thing guys, leave those Cowboy hats at home, you stand out like a bowling ball in a field of snow and they see you coming a mile away. So do yourselves and us a favor leave it on the ranch at your parents house next deployment!

Around 8pm or so the girls will start to show up in large numbers and by 11pm the clubs will be full. It doesn稚 matter what day of the week it is so don稚 worry about that, you'll find girls there all the time. On some nights you can find over 400 girls within the towers. Many of the clubs have done renovation and really fixed them up nicely, so if it has been a while since you stopped by your favorite club it most likely has a new look now.. The old 392 club (1st floor) has change names over the pass few years about 3 times now last I counted but the club is nothing like what it was in its hay day, now it is called "Queens Disco but it is still a decent place to go when all else fails. The old Pink Pussycat (2nd floor) is now called The Green Mango and has really taken off in the way of quality of the girls. In December (2001) this club was hit by the police along with a few other clubs and hauled out about 100 girls that were working as hookers in the clubs, with many being from the Philippines, go figure?? The strange part is that what they got busted for wasn't prostitution but immigration valuations, over staying their visit. In September 02 an new club open on the third floor called Planet Virgin, nice place with a jungle setting inside and it seams to have caught on quite nicely with it's share of girls.

   Night time in Orchard Towers is the best this is when the really hot girls come out and most are dressed to kill too. As they say, 妬t pays to advertise and these girls do it well. They know how to get your attention for that glance that will get them to come over to your table for a short chat or night of fun. I don稚 care who you are or what you look like you can meet someone in the Towers if you want too. Some times it is just kind of fun to watch all the things that are going on around you in the clubs. Depending on the girl she may hang out with you for a short time before asking if you want a 都hort time with her. If you do want to indulge, set the price, time frame and anything else you think she should know like just want you are looking for in during your short time before leaving just to make sure there are no misunderstanding between the two of you. Always pay her after you are done, this will prevent the lady from splitting on you before time is up. Not all girls will do everything you may want so be sure you have the girl of your dreams first. Don稚 be shy these girls have heard it all before. If she is not up to the task ask her if she knows how is, she may be able to help you out in your quest. You値l pay for the cab and the room if you don稚 take her back to your place in some close by hotel which will charge you by the hour. This will run you about S$15 to S$18 dollars for 2 hours. If you are looking for a 斗ong time, spend the night, do the same thing it all works the same and they will stay until about 11 or 12. If she has nothing to do that day she may ask if she can spend the day with you, again at your cost for food and what ever else. The sex may be free during this time if she likes you enough so it pays to be nice to them. If you decline the offer for the day she will be on her way and that痴 it.

   The girls come from all over Asia in the Towers, you値l find Thais, Malays, Indians, Filipinas, Indonesians, Singaporeans, Japanese, Chinese (HK) and ever a few Europeans from time to time, rare but I have spotted a few in there. One thing to remember is that the girls you see in the Towers after 9pm are there looking for a date for the night, but from time to time some poor girl will stroll in not knowing what is going on, I sure you値l know the differences when you see her. Just remember that some girls do work in the building and are not 努orking girls. Most of time this is not a problem until the fleet sailors hit the Towers in force. Too much time at sea, too much money, too many beers and not enough common sense can end you up in jail in Singapore. Everyone has a cell phone and the police are just a short call away. Here in Singapore it is against the law to harass or grope a girl in public, so keep that in mind.

   Like anything for sale it goes by supply and demand and so do the girls. Short times can cost you S$150 with some girls while with other that could be a long time. Always try to talk them down on the price and don't believe what they tell you about the price being S$250 or S$300, normal prices are about S$150 to 200 for all-nighters. Once she knows you have been there before and not new to the clubs she'll lighten up on the price some and then you'll good to go and if you are real lucky you may even get the girl to go with you for free so you never know! You'll have to see what is going on with each one and take it from there so shop around and take your time (if you can) there is always a better looking lady right around the corner so don稚 jump on the first one you see. My buddy Larry taught me that one but it was a hard lesson for me to learn. Some times the girl will pick you too, she値l come up to you and come right out and say that she is yours that night,  so  there stand in front of you this Asian hottie that just blows off your shorts. After all isn稚 that what we want after all?

   For some the best looking girls head for the Top Ten Disco (4th floor) after 11pm. This place has the hottest girls I have observed in the towers. It cost S$25 to get and drinks are a bit higher here to but it is well worth it. Top Ten is surely on the very upper scale of the clubs in the Towers, things are not cheap here so I知 sure the girls in there will cost you a bit more but I知 sure it痴 worth the experience too. You can find Singaporeans in the Top Ten Disco if that is what you are seeking unlike the other girls that are mostly loaded with all the other. The Ipanema and Peyton Place are Filipina hang outs mostly while the other will have mix of everyone else. The Thai girls come down from Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya for 2 to 3 weeks at a shot to make some money then head back home so the chances of running in to here again may be slim. If you meet a girl you want to hook up with again get her cell number and see when or if she be retuning.

   As for the smaller clubs that don稚 have the big crowds you値l find clubs like Checkmate, Jex, Checker Bar, Hunters but these clubs have a more homely feeling to a point, most of the girls are the regulars but you will find that all the girls roam from club to club to see what is going on. Tucked away in the back corner of the second floor you値l find a small Thai restaurant where the girls will be feeding their faces so if you should see the place you may want to drop in to see who hanging around. At least  there you can hear  what she is saying and get a good look at her in some decent light, unlike many of the bars.

  On Sundays many of the clubs open at 12pm for Tea-dances since this is when the maids and other imported workers are off. You値l find girls just out for a good time with their friends and this girls will be getting messed up fast. Most of the clubs will have some kind of fashion show or dance contest with a band or dance music playing between rounds. So it makes for some great shopping and entertainment for your mid-day experience. Many of the girls you find on Sundays during this time are Filipinas, you may find a few Thais or Malays but mostly Filipinas. The sad part is no happy hours during this time so a pitcher can cost you S$30 in some clubs and S$10 for a glass. Some of the better clubs for Sundays are; Peyton Place and The Blue Banana in the basement, the Ipanema World Music Club and The Green Mango on the second floor and the Crazy Horse on the 4th floor.

   On the back side of the towers is a place where you can eat called Monkeys Cafe. This place is ideally located by the steps leading into the towers to both the basement and first floor so you can watch the girls come and go if that is your thing or if you want to scout out the action entering the building. It is also apparent that this entrance is the way most of the girls use since it is close to the taxi stand where they unload from. The best seat of course is right next to the steps on the out side of the club. Monkeys is open until 5am so if you find yourself the last to leave with your honey  you can take her there since many of the clubs will close between 3 and 9am. Some times you'll see the girls eating there before going to work so this is another place where you can look also since many of the clubs are very crowed and noisy from the music that is playing. The food there is not to bad but at 3am it beats nothing at all so give it a try.

NOTE: Orchard Towers is a place where you have a great time but like anyplace else in the world where you have this many girls and guys looking for companionship, remember there is a lot of bad stuff out there so always take care of your health first and foremost. Next door is a 7-11 so pick up what you need so you will not regret you night of fun.

Update: The action in front of the Towers has been picking up on the street since the SARS attack. With the decline of visitors to Singapore and people staying closer to home hard times have fallen on the working girls so they ply their trade out side a lot more but this is not the norm by any means. If you are passing the Towers and see hordes of girls around you know what is going on and it isn't a fire drill.

 In my NEW INPROVED site you will find the most updated informationon Orchard Towers as well as other clubbing news about Singapore. Photo Gallery section you will  find pictures from some of the clubs. I am working on getting more pictures of the inside but so far many of them don't like me taking shots inside, gee I wonder why? But I'll keep working on it for you so stay in touch.

Update: The action in front of the Towers has been picking up on the street since the SARS attack. With the decline of visitors to Singapore and people staying closer to home hard times have fallen on the working girls so they ply their trade out side a lot more but this is not the norm by any means. If you are passing the Towers and see hordes of girls around you know what is going on and it isn't a fire drill.


 In my Photo Gallery section you will  find pictures from some of the clubs. I am working on getting more pictures of the inside but so far many of them don't like me taking shots inside, gee I wonder why? But I'll keep working on it for you so stay in touch.

 In the club section you'll find information on the clubs although all  the clubs are the same. the only difference being what kind of girls hang out in the clubs. I am working on getting more pictures of the insides but so far many of them don't like me taking shots inside, gee I wonder why? But I'll keep working on it and try to post them in a few months for you so stay in touch. Note: I have a newer site now that is much bigger and better than this one. It is updates weekly with picutres and write-ups so please visit "Warren's Singapore 2004" at Warren's Singapore 2004 http://warrenssingapore.com/ be sure to leave your comments in the guest book, thanks.

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