Greater Watertown
Darter's Association

Congratulations Shootie's 1 on your 2003/2004 Winter League Championship Win!

Shootie's 1: Scott Nadelen, Wayne Brown, Joe Lajoie, Scott Mahon

Summer League is starting soon. There is a meeting Tuesday, 25 May 2004 at Kegler's - 7 pm. You should have your team signup then.

You all want pictures updated? Get your digital cameras out and email me the photos!

2004 Summer League Schedule

Watertown NY Used Cars

Watertown NY Mr. Sub

Final Standings - Singles Stats 2004

Watertown NY Women's Dart League

Summer League Dress Code:

Dart League Mandated Dress Code


Dart Events


Discussion Forum


League Rules

JLAW Sets League Record

Summer League Starting Soon! Good Luck!

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