A friend of mine here in Darwin established a weblog called Club Troppo voted (2004 and 2005) the best collaborative blog in Australia.
It has a comprehensive list of Australian and international blogs.
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Europe  2001
I've built this website primarily to show off pictures and to capture text about various places I've visited so that friends both here in Australia and people I've met overseas can read about where I've been. I've also included some family stuff and bits and pieces about sport and hobbies I'm interested in.
The letters coloured blue are hyperlinks.... just click on the word underlined and you'll be magically connected with another page on the web.
When I research a destination I look for photos of the place and the best I've seen of India are here.

Bjorn Strack (known to his fellow travellers as Pablo) was on one of the Intrepid tours with us and has a very good
website showing the details (and other stuff too).
Otto is a bloke I met in Buenos Aires who has travelled all over and keeps an excellent website with lots of detail about the places he visits.
The best place to go for the latest information about Cambodia and Thailand (as well as old stuff about other places in Asia).
We travelled with Intrepid Travel: have a look at the Itineraries for  Mayan Highlights. and the way from San Jose.
Links to Rugby sites.
Casuarina Cougars
University Pirates
jokes page
vets rugby
rugby heaven
other veteran websites
arc rugby nz
rugby dump
I've started a blog to post stuff on while on holidays. To add some content I've copied a few entries from the past. Click and see if you're interested in chewing the fat about life's lessons. Some of the hyperlinks still work.... others don't.
My father recently celebrated his 80th birthday. I've put together some photos and a brief resume of his life here.
India 2006
China 2005
South America 2003
Cambodia &
Vietnam 2002
See the wonders of Peru, the unbelievable Bolivian altiplano, Torres del Paine in Chile, amazing Argentina and best of all, Patagonia in all it's glory.
The Great wall, Xian and the terracotta warriors, the desert and the ancient cities of the eastern end of the incomparable Silk Road.
The splendour of Rajasthan, Orchha and Khajuraho, the oldest city on earth, Hindu temples and caves, backwaters of Kerala and the most interesting people.
I'm interested in contributing to the debate on Climate Change and I have
created a website with some solutions to increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions and how Territorians can adapt to climate change.
Look here for a Google map of our last trip.
Click this image to hyperlink to a Google map showing the Silk road we travelled.
Rugby has been described as a gentleman's game played by thugs and vice versa. I've had a passion for rugby for more than 40 years from when I started playing for Adelaide Uni. I still prop up the front row for veterans teams and tour as often as possible. Look here for some photo's.
Down the mighty Mekong, lovely Laos, the   glory of Ankgor Wat and food heaven in Vietnam.
Mayan ruins in Yucatan and Guatemala, the magic markets of Chichi and San Christobal, animals and birds galore in the fabulous forests of Costa Rica, the colonial splendour of Oaxaca and the best archeological museum in the world.
Mexico & Central America 2007
My photo gallery has been transferred to picasaweb. There you will find thousands of photos taken from all over the world.
"When the wet season comes to the Top End and the lightning rips across the sky, illuminating the purple thunderheads over the sea, this, above all else, will be Peter Jarver's lasting memorial."
Claire Martin...NT Chief Minister