WC Enterprises
Welcome to the home of WC Enterprises.

I've given my home office this name to cover all aspects of my interests and business ventures.  Most of my work to date has been as a volunteer, for projects that hold personal interest for me.  Eventually, though, I'd like to turn it into a bonafide business.

What do I do exactly?  I design webpages for myself, my family, and programs/foundations that I volunteer in.  To see some samples of my work, click on the links below.  I was also going to be DK Family Learning distributor until they closed down that division of
DK publishing.  After the DK thing fell through, I researched the Stampin' Up! oppotunity and decided it was something I could do and would enjoy doing.  So now I'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator - teaching the art of rubber stamping and scrapbooking.  I also create and publish newsletters for the programs I volunteer in.  For the most part, I use this website to temporarily dock webpages I am working on, until they are ready to go live.  Click here for a peek at what I'm working on now, just remember, this site is under construction!

My other web projects include:

Dawn's Special Place!

Blossom Field Mall

Air Raider Online

The Carlston Family's Home on the Web

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