Women's Care Center
of the Heartland Inc.
Support Women and Help Them Choose Life

   The Women's Care Center of the Heartland, Inc. is a group of concerned Pro-Life Catholics in the Omaha area who wish to help Mothers choose life for their unborn children.  Our non-profit organization, with the blessing of Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss of Omaha, has renovated the former convent building of St. Patrick's Parish (renamed as the "Holy Family House") located at 15th & Martha Streets in Omaha.
   WCCH provides living space for up to 12 Mothers during the time that they are in need of a place to stay while they await the birth of their child and for 6 weeks after.  We also provide programs to aid these Mothers in carrying on their lives productively by preserving the lives of their children.
   We are inviting other Pro-Life Catholics to join us in helping pregnant mothers in need.  Would you like to become an Auxiliary Member of the Women's Care Center of the Heartland and support this Pro-Life work?
Members will:
1)  Be remembered in a monthly Mass offered at St.Patrick Church or, when it is 
    renovated, in the St.Joseph Chapel in the "Holy Family House". 
2)  Be included in all the prayers and good works the Board and staff of the 
    center offered daily as well as at special events and prayer services. 
3)  Have an open invitation to visit the Women's Care Center and take a tour of
    the facility. 
4)  Receive an invitation to special events and 
    other events throughout the year. 
5)  Receive monthly newsletter of the center and other mailings. 
6)  Receive a membership card indicating the level of support
    to which you have committed yourself.

Levels Of Membership:	

Founders' Circle 		      $5,000.00 or more
Charter Members 		      $1,000.00 or more
Life Givers 			      $  500.00 or more
Mothers' Helpers 		      $  100.00 or more
Life Savers 			      $   50.00 or more
Holy Family Members		      $   20.00 or more

Another type of membership is what we are calling our "Sustaining" members.
These members will agree to donate an amount on a regular schedule, either
Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, or Annually.   This can include the
Possibility of adopting one of the rooms in the center in an on-going way
to help pay for the operation of that room as part of the budget."


"I want to help you help Mothers and children by becoming a member of the Women's
Care Center of the Heartland."

Name: ____________________________________ Level of Membership___________________

Address: _________________________________ Phone:_____________

City: _________________________  State: ____ Zip Code: ____________

E-Mail:_________________________ Total Amount of my gift: _______________________

"I am interested in becoming a Sustaining Member and I can pledge $____ each _____

Print this and return to:  Women's Care Center of the Heartland 
   2301 South 15 Street
   Omaha, NE 68108