Kingdom Curia

Their Royal Majesties: His Grace Duke Davin & Groa
E-mail: His Majesty : Her Majesty
Their Royal Highnesses: Sir Aveloc the Young & Mahliqa bint Ali Zibec
Their Highnesses of the Summits: Master Angus McClure & Lady Duana Trahern Prince& Princess
Their Highnesses of Avacal: Sir Gunther Rorikson & Catriona McManus Prince & Princess
Champion of An Tir: Duke Thorin Njalsson
Queen's Champion of Rapier: Baron Don Artimis de Montessori
Kingdom Protector: Morgan Murray of Atholl
Arts & Sciences Champion: Lady Leticia Troischenes

Officers of An Tir

Seneschal: His Excellency Baron Mikill Olafr Bjarnarson
Chancellor of the Exchequer: HL Alanus of Bunghea
Black Lion Principal Herald: Lord Marco Valentino
Earl Marshal: Sir Aethelred Cloudbreaker
Kingdom Constable: Jarl Barak Ravensfuri
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences: HL Isabella Lucrezia Venziano Martini
Royal Bard:
Gamesmistress: HL Pegleg the Merchant
Chronicler: Lord Christophe de Lascaux
CRIER Editor:
Grete Boke:
Stock Clerk:
Kingdom Pied Piper:
Preceptor of the College of Pages & Pied Pipers:
Kingdom Chirurgeon: Rauthulfr Meistari inn Orthstori
Minister of the Waterbearers

Other Regions of An Tir

Principality of Avacal
Principality of the Summits

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