Don't think colorguard should be a sport?? . . . Check out our bruises...and THINK AGAIN!
What is Colorguard?
Color guard is spending 15 to 20 hours a week marching up and down a 50 by 70 foot area spinning a 3 1/2 pound rifle or a 5 1/2 foot flag. It's your free time to strive for perfection and hearing; "That's wrong! Pay attention! Try harder! Too fast! Too slow! You're not counting!" over and over. It is riding countless hours on cold bumpy buses (with a bunch of band dorks) and eating in more fast food restaurants than you care to remember. Sometimes you march in the rain, snow, with blisters on your feet, countless bruises all over your body, aching hands, when you're sick, or when every muscle in your body aches. (or even all of these at the same time!) It means being willing to try again even though you have just suffered a defeat, tears are streaming down your face and your heart is breaking. Yet, in the midst of all of'd do anything for your team, and you always seem to be having FUN!
CLICK ME to see pics of the Warren Mott Colorguard team!!
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