Opened by Lynn Wiewel(above) on March 22nd, 2003, the Green Room has been the missing puzzle piece local music has been looking for in Quincy for the past 8 to 10 years. The Green Room has become a fun environment for all ages to go see the newest,best bands in town. Inside the venue there is the actual performance room and then a concession area where many types of foods are served, and available to the attendees. The Green Room has and will continue to brighten the future for local music in Quincy,Illinois.
O.K. guys, here is the breakdown of how shows are going to be run at the Green Room.  From now on, one person or band will be "running" the show.  This means that they are responsible for bringing in the sound, bringing in the bands, and running the door.  Of course we will still help out in any way needed, but this way the bands have more say over what time, and for how long they play, and etc.  The person in charge, or the band in charge, will decide before hand how much each band gets, (i.e. if its a benefit show for one band, or if everything gets split evenly etc.) the green room will get $80 at the end of the night regardless of how much or how little is made at the door.  If the green room puts on the show, then we will do all the same things as any other person would.  This is a lot more fair than the way things are being run now, since the bands do most of the work, and usually bring in the sound, it is only fair that they can decide how the money should be divided.  Of course if anyone ever needs help with the door or anything else, we will always be here!  As for advertising goes, the green room will as always do as much as we can, but with most of the crew being away at school, this is limited.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them on the message board or send me an email at