VA7EWK on the air from Canada

Canadian flag


WD9EWK/VE7 in Vancouver (April 2002)      CJ7EWK/3 in Toronto (October 2002)      CJ7EWK in 
Burnaby BC (November 2008)

Updated 19 November 2008

I have made many trips to Canada in the past few years, but have not operated on HF until April 2002 despite the easy procedure the USA and Canada have regarding hams from one country in the other.  Even with this, I decided to write the exams and obtain my own Canadian license - and I have another page with some information for foreign hams wishing to operate in Canada

Here is a list of my trips to Canada where I have operated on HF or the amateur satellites: 

I used WD9EWK/VE7 on the air in April 2002 from British Columbia, as I wrote the Canadian amateur exams on that trip, and did not have my Canadian amateur operator's certificate with VA7EWK until 3 weeks after that trip. 

Need a QSL card from one of my Canadian trips?
QSLs for VA7EWK (or with a special Canadian prefix in place of VA - CF7EWK, CJ7EWK, VG7EWK, or XL7EWK) or WD9EWK/VE7 are via WD9EWK.  WD9EWK is OK through the QSL bureau, or you may send your QSL card direct to: 

P.O. Box 1934
Scottsdale AZ 85252-1934

Until my next trip north, 73!