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Sea Otter

This little creature, a sea otter, played and ate right in front of the camper continuously. As far as we know, it never went home. It would dive down, bring up an urchin and a rock, roll over on it's back, crack open and eat the urchin. The really amazing thing was that sea gulls would land on it's stomach and help the otter eat the urchin. The otter didn't seem to mind; there were plenty more where those came from!

North Pole, Alaska North Pole, Alaska
No trip to the "far North" would be complete without a stop at The North Pole. The Picture on the left was taken at the city limits of North Pole, Alaska, a short drive from Fairbanks. The other one was taken from in front of Santa's house.


We had been told that all of the Alcan, the Alaskan Canadian Highway, was completely paved. This stretch in Yukon, Canada, wasn't quite what we had in mind. This engineering marvel was built during the early years of World War II as a means of getting troops and equipment to Alaska in anticipation of an invasion by Japan.

Rock Sheep

As we traveled West through the Canadian Rockies, we encountered lots of wildlife along the highway. These are Rock Sheep eating the minerals off the edge of the highway. When traffic stopped, we all knew that there was wildlife to be photographed.

Ice Field in Jasper National Park, Canada

One of our favorite parks is Jasper National Park,Canada. This is one of the several ice fields in the park.

Water Falls

This is another example of the photograph not doing the scenery justice. These were water falls in Jasper National Park, Canada.


A young male elk in Yellowstone National Park! What a fitting way to end our trip through Canada and Alaska. If you look closely, you will see the beginnings of a rack.

Separator Linewalking bear

We certainly enjoyed taking you with us to Alaska. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Come back and we will be happy to do it again.

We would love to be your host for a tour of our home town; Magnolia, Arkansas and show you the four building-size murals painted on the sides of our downtown businesses, depicting the eras of our history.

Magnolia is where we park RV Camper when we don't have it on the road. Just click on the magnolia blossom and we will be on our way.

Magnolia Blossom

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