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"Too Bad the people who know how to run this country are too busy cuting hair and running taxicabs"
Geroge Burns 1865-1965
This site was established Way back in 2002, the plan was to bring a collection of essays together(that of the western world). This site deals with ALL aspects that make up society that of: Religion, Eduation, Authority, War, It deals in the aspect of society that we all dislike that of the, The Jock, Explotaion (the list is endless). As you may of realised we have upgraded the site so its now a Dot.TK If you are still on the geocities site click here.
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The site is seperated into main sections- under each sections are a large selection of essays and views on the topic- Before viewing any of the text on this site I Strongly recomend that you read the
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April 2004
April 2004
April 2004
April 2004
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April 2004
April 2004
Lets face it, the way the world is being run sucks. People are being exploited, the Earth's precious resources are being plundered, our governments are being hijacked and we our blowing up people just to lower the price of a commodity which is also being over-used and over-taxed.
Most of the blame for the shitty state of the world falls solely on the shoulders of fat-cat corporate criminals, who as you read this are sitting in there air-conditioned leather finished offices planning which country should be exploited or blown up next.
I know it is easy to moan and complain about how shitty the world is, but it isn't so easy to come up with solutions. What we need to do is to try and bring down the system that is causing all the problems. Whether your Socialist, Communist, Environmentalist, Anarchist or whatever your political stance, you have to admit that we are being fucked over.
This website was started a few years back, it was established to evaluate every aspect of society in relation to the ethical and moral issues that surrounds it. This idea of “We Need a new system” has brought about a great amount of thinking relating to the two terms that of “We” and that of “System”, when we talk about “we”- its implied ALL of us- United in free thinking, system is EVERY part of society that is solely there to exploit and discriminate. I want to that you for taking the time for looking at this web site, without any members putting their essays forwards this website would be radically diluted, looking at the past e-mails/ guest book entry’s and links it seems that this site attracts a lot of traffic from a lot of different people- either Anarchists, socialists, activists, liberalists or quite simply agnostics.

As I update this site there is a lot of crazy shit going on in this world, Radical Muslims think that they have the right to blow up innocent people, large corporations believe that they are above the law and still the age old case of the people being exploited. However, don’t call me stupid I am not proclaiming that we change the western structure to a communist one, because I fully understand that communists country are not trouble free- we need to learn form our mistakes, stop the exploitation of people and animals- we need to start again basing out teaching on humanity not profit. We need to promote free thinking, we need to emperies the fact that there is no need for religion, We Need A New System 

This website is split up into several sections, you can use the top or bottom of the page to navigate between each section or use the right click navigation for easier use. Please, if you like the site and support the views placed forward be sure to link to us, without traffic we have a worthless cause! Thank you.
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As i have already stated, the site is spilt up into four main sections- these can be navigated through by the drop menu at the top and bottom, as well as this you can right click to see the main sections: Religion, War, Americanism, Education etc.

Tuesday 16th March 2004:: Please Be sure to check out the NEWS section, we also have e-books on Consumer Activism/ anrachism and capitalism
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