An Immigrant's Wife
Francoise Chaveau
Francoise Chaveau was born about 1600 in Dompierre-sur-Mer, Lardilliere, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; the daughter of Francois Chaveau and Marthe Noel.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Les Meres D'Immigre; wed to Farmer and Wine Maker, Jacques Archambault.   Their marriage took place on January 24, 1629 in St. Philbert, Du Pointe Charault, Lucon, Poitou, France.

Jacques was born in 1606, also at Dompierre; the son of Antoine Archambault and Renee Ouvard.  He and Francoise would have seven children, all born in France.  Francoise died on December 09, 1663 in Montreal, and widower Jacques then married
Marie Denot, from Porcheresse, Angouleme, Angoumois, France; the daughter of Eloi Denot and Marie-Marguerite Delafons; on January 16, 1666; at Cap-de-Madeleine.  Jacques died on February 15, 1687 in Montreal.
The Next Generation
Denis Chauveau Archambault - Was born on September 12, 1630 in France and died on July 26, 1651 at Ville-Marie on the Island of Montreal.

Anne Chaveau Archambault - Was born about 1631 in France and died on July 29, 1699 in Montreal.  She was married twice: 1. Michel Chauvin - two children: Paul and Marie-Charlotte.  2.  Jean Gervais - nine children: Marguerite, Cunegonde, Jeanne, Jean, Louis, Urbain, Nicolas, Charles and Cecile.

Jacquette-Josephe Chaveau Archambault - Was born about 1632 in France and died on December 17, 1700 in Ville De Quebec.  She married Paul Chalifour and the couple had fourteen children: Marie, Marguerite, Jeanne-Josephe, Simone, Francoise, Jeanne, Louise, Paul-Francois, Marie-Madeleine, Etienne, Pierre, Anne, Jean-Baptiste and Claude.

Marie Chaveau Archambault
- Was born on February 24, 1636 in France and died on August 16, 1719 at Pointe-Aux-Trembles.  She married Urbain Tessier and the couple had seventeen children: Charles, Paul-Urbain, Madeleine, Laurent, Marie-Louise, Agnes, Urbain, Jean, Claude, Paul, Jacques-Jean, Petronille-Catherine, Jean-Baptiste, Pierre, Jacques, Ignace and Nicolas.

Louise Chaveau Archambault - Was born on March 18, 1640 in France and died there in 1663.

Laurent Chaveau Archambault - Was born on January 10, 1642 in France and died on April 19, 1730 at Pointe-Aux-Trembles.  He married Marie-Catherine Marchand on January 07, 1660 in Montreal and the couple had twelve children: Laurent-Jacques, Catherine, Marie-Genevieve, Laurent, Jacques, Marie-Anne, Andre, Pierre, Francoise, Jean-Baptiste, Marie-Madeleine and Marie.

Marie-Francoise Chaveau Archambault - Was born about 1644 in France and died on August 08, 1685 in Montreal.  She married Gilles Lauzon and the couple had thirteen children:  Michelle-Anne, Marguerite, Francoise, Marie, Catherine, Seraphin, Louise, Michel, Paul, Madeleine-Marie, Anne, Jeanne and Gilles.
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